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Discourse 2  (10.07.1997)


Heart is the place of immensity and infinity

Love is the Imam, Heart is the mosque (congregation)

and the face of Friend is the niche


Each of  the masters of truth  laid much emphasis on Heart and said a lot about it. For example; Hazrat Sezai Gulshan-i says,


The palace where the lover merges into the Beloved is the Heart

Be sure the place of manifestation is the Heart


Do not go around the outer world of illusion weeping aloud

God’s Throne of grace is the Heart


The palace where the lover becomes lost in love is the Heart. The place where God manifests himself is the Heart. Don’t seek God outside of your Heart because God’s Throne of grace is the Heart.


Sezai, the place where the secrets are unveiled is the Heart


Oh Sezai! If it is so, then you should enter the heart  of a true Master. Hazrat Sezai Gulshan-i also says,


Sezai, the one who turns away from Man-

Is called devil who is dismissed from God’s Throne of grace


It is said that the one who turns towards the Holy face of Man sees the Light on that face. It doesn’t matter whether it is man or woman. The one who doesn’t see that Light and moves away from Man(=Adam)  isn’t aware of his inner being. Those are dismissed by God. They are devils. That’s why Saints direct attention to the importance of the Heart.


Hazrat Gaibi says these fine lines on Heart in his Nutku Sharif,


Saints who inform us of God

Say, ‘Go and wish God in your Heart’

Those who see the face of God clearly

Say ’Go and wish God in your Heart’


Because the heart is the dwelling place of God

The light of his existence shine there

Go and ride the winged steed of God which is Love

They say, ‘Go and wish God in your Heart’


Hazrat Gaibi points out that the ones who inform us of God are Sufi masters. He also mentions winged steed, ‘celestial horse’. Mohammed’s winged steed that carried him on miraculous journey is called ‘Al Buraq (=burak)’. ‘Lightning bolt (=berk)’ and ‘nag(=duldul)’ are other expressions for ‘Al-buraq’. It was expressed with such words fourteen centuries ago. If it is described today, the word ‘rocket’ may be used to express ‘Al-buraq’. However, Hazrat Gaibi says al-buraq is Love.


Heart is God’s secret place.


Heart is a territory but a secret one. Not everybody can enter this secret territory.


The one who informs us of Him is a  true master


The one who lets us know this secret territory is the true master. Because only Sufi Masters truly know the secrets of Heart. We shouldn’t care the words of  others.


Gaibi, the way to God is the way of the Heart


If you ask the way to God, it is the way of the Heart. The ones who choose other ways can’t reach God. Only the ones who follow the  way  of  Heart can find him.


They say, ‘Wish God in your Heart and find Him there’


The lines above are all about the existence of God in the Heart but especially the last line points out the direct address of God and says, ‘ You can’t find God anywhere except Heart.’


The way of the saints is heart. Divine love is the way to know the secrets of heart. You can conquer the fortress of heart with love.


All the saints mention love either quite clear or in a figurative sense. For instance Hazrat Niyazi Misri tells us about the real love in the first seven couplets of his Divan (=a collection of lyrical poems). These seven couplets are the interpretations of Fatiha (=The Opening, the first chapter of Qur’an), which consists of seven verses with Besmele (= In the name of God). Fatiha is also called Umm-ul Qur’an (=the mother of the Qur’an). 6666 verses were the born of Fatiha. It is the essence of Qur’an. Hazrat Niyazi Misri says, Fatiha also serves as a key to Divan . These seven lines are the foundation and the essence of his Divan.


(His real name was Mehmet Niyazi. He was born in Ispozi, in what is today Soganlý, in Malatya in 1617-1618. His father’s name was Ali Celebi. He was graduated from a school of theology and obtained a diploma. He was initiated by a Khalwatiyya Shayk Huseyin Effendi, from Malatya, when he was a 21-year-old, young preacher. Then he had a dream which was about his spiritual guide. He found his Khalwatiyya Sufi Master Ummi Sinan in Elmalý and he was guided by him in the path. He became the khalif of him and in 1665 he received permission to initiate. In 1694 when he was seventy-six years old, he passed away and he was buried in Kimli Island. He was an inspired poet, a qualified preacher, a good speaker, an ecstatic Sufi, a grand master and a great Saint.)


O my Heart, let’s leave else and follow Love

All the masters of Truth(=ahlullah) followed Love


O my Heart, please follow Love. Leave all the things except Love. Likewise the congregations’ obeying Imam, obey Love.


Why should we do this? The answer is in the second line. Because all the masters of Truth did the same. They accepted Love as their Imam.


In the following lines Hazrat Niyazi tells us the special feature of Love.


Love is prior to all the creations and all the knowledge

That’s why no one could find what is previous to Love


Creations mean all existing things and knowledge means all the known and unknown . Love is a philosopher’s stone. It is such a power that it is prior to what is seen and unseen, what is known and unknown. Love is the most ancient thing. Thus what is prior to Love couldn’t be found.


Everything disappears but Love remains

That’s why they say Love is endless


Love is such a thing that although everything passes away, it continues  existing.


‘It is not limited by time or place. There is no beginning, nor any ending for Love. It always was and it always will be. When everything exists it exists and when everything cease to exist, it still exists. So what is this?’


It is God. Thus one of the God’s names is Love.


Hazrat Niyazi explains us ‘Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.(The Opening, verse 4) There is an appeal to God in this verse. If they couldn’t find the beginning and the ending of it, be sure it is a perfect thing. Then let’s come together and hold on to the skirts of Love. Let’s implore Love.


I wish your guidance to be my companion

Please don’t separate my heart from your Love for an instant


Oh my God! We only want from you. Make your inspiration my greatest friend. So my heart can always feel your Love and friendship. Don’t let me live without your love for a single moment.


‘Keep us on the right path’ (The Opening, verse 5) The entreaty to God continues in this verse.


Take my love of else

Make your love familiar to me in both worlds


Love of worldly things is limited. This type of Love is transient. However it is still God’s possession.


‘Love of worldly things also belongs to God. For example; Leyla’s love to Mecnun, Ferhat’s love to Sirin or someone’s love to his possessions.’ One’s love to such things is an indirect and unaware way of loving God.


I don’t want all these limited Loves. I want the love which lead me to your essence.


In the Holy Qur’an God says,


‘Surely my Lord is on the right path.’ (The Holy Prophet, Verse 56)


Let me take the right way which directly reach to you .


With your love even hell is desirable

Without your love even heaven is hell


If someone is with the companionship of your love in the hell, sure he is comfortable there. Everywhere is great with your love. If the person is in the heaven but without your  love, heaven turns to hell. Because lovers seek love and affection.


In the lines above Hazrat Niyazi says, ‘It doesn’t matter whether I’m in hell or heaven if there is love there. Everywhere is perfect with your love.’


Yunus has the same point of view. We can perceive this in these lines.


If you show me your hell-fire, you make me weep wretchedly

If you think I deserve fire, both your fire and Light are pleasure for me


Don’t take different expressions into consideration. Don’t be mistaken by the play upon words because they all mean the same thing. State of rivers is a good example for this; rivers may have waterfalls or they may flow calmly but all of them flow towards sea. Because their spring is sea.


O Niyazi, if you want a murshid on the path, follow Love

Because the guide of all prophets and saints is Love


Hazrat Niyazi addresses himself by saying ‘O Niyazi’. In fact he addresses those who will follow him in next centuries. He says on the way of God obey Love. In the beginning of his Nutku Sharif, it was advised that Love should be our Imam. We should ask the reason. Why should we obey Love? Because love showed the way to all the prophets , from Prophet Adam to Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) and all the saints. It guided and enlightened them.


The capital on the way of God is affection and love.


In the Sufi Way it is considered that spirituality stands on two legs. They are love and service. However, Sufi Masters don’t like multiplicity. They say two is the sum of one and one  so  let’s unite them.


‘In fact, spirituality stands on one leg and this is service. Love is the reason to serve. If there isn’t love, there isn’t any service. Love is the true source of service. That’s why all prophets and saints applied  themselves to the service of God and they wished to serve continuously.’


My Sufi Master Hazrat Mustafa Effendi(k.s)wanted his family and his disciples to encircle him an hour before his passing away. My dear Master, still be completely conscious, told the people around him,


‘Listen to me my sons and daughters. Listen to me with both ears. I am saying you my last words. I have only an hour left before passing away. One of my leg is in this world and the other one is in the other world . If God asks me, ‘O my servant Mustafa, what do you want from me for your last hour? I say, ‘O my Lord, O my Beloved I would like to spend my last hour serving you. I desire to serve you.


An our later my master Mustafa Effendi(k.s.) ascended from his body, which is a grave of spirit, to the eternal world with a lovely smile on his face and saying ‘Hu’.