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Discourse 4 (16.07.1997)



Prophets were sent to invite people to God so they could say ' Come and join the way of the Shari'at’. However, Sufi Masters can’t invite people to Sufi path. It  is canonically prohibited because knowledge of God rests on Saintship.

' Feeding the small baby by meat is wrong. Similarly, telling Divine Secrets to the incapable is wrong as well . '

In the Holy Qur'an God says;

' Surely Allah commands you to make over trusts to their owners.'(The Women, Verse 58)

Giving trusts to the incapable is ungratefulness and not giving it to the capable is betrayal. Ziya Pasha says;

The development of the arts depends on appreciation
Goods that are lack of customers are wasted

If there isn't anybody who will buy your goods in the market , don't try uselessly to sell them. Collect your goods and go to another market where they are looked for. Hazrat Gaibi expresses this Truth as follows,

They didn't announce the Divine Unity to public
Divine secret is always veiled from public

The Arabic word ‘raz’ means secret. The word ‘They’ in the first line  refers to Sufi masters, the lovers of God. These Perfected Beings didn't tell the secret of Unity to the immature. They told the secrets of God according to their spiritual stage. Yunus, Hadji Bayram-i Wali, Shaykh Salih Effendi, Hazrat Gaibi Sunullah and hundreds of others, who had high degree of inborn talent and who attained perfection could understand this secret.

'Not all the masters of Sufi Way wrote books as Hazrat Mawlana or Ibn-i Arabi did but this doesn't mean that their mission remained incomplete. They guided and educated their disciples to become Perfect. They are their living masterpieces.'

Some of the masters of Sufi Way have both the knowledge of the Divine Science (= ilm al- ladun ) and the knowledge of external science (= ilm al- zahir ). They are called two winged (=zul-cenaheyn). They are well aware of science and religion. In the first five centuries of Islam Islamic scholars trained great spiritual masters and geniuses of Islam and science. Scholars who existed after the fifth century gave importance to spiritual science and neglected positive sciences. Therefore positive sciences started to recede. This was God's will as well. Today this regression almost stopped.

In the Holy Qur'an God says both man and woman are obliged to education. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) says,

'Studying science is an obligatory act for all of my people, man and woman. '

There are approximately 700 hundred verses in Holy Qur'an about science. Science is Divine possession as well .

'If you give importance to spiritual science and neglect the others, then society becomes financially weak.'

From time to time there are ups and downs like that. If we examine the culture of Western Europe , we realise the footprints of Islam civilization. We planted the seeds of science there. Islamic scholars said the world is round before Galileo. The medical books of Ibn-i Sina and the maps of Piri Reis were used as text books at Western universities till two centuries before. Moslem scholars were the authority on science, medicine, technology and art and the Andalusian libraries were filled with their works. Without any doubt we can say that there is hardly a field of learning where there isn't intellectual impress of Islam present . They are aware of this great influence. What is important is our not having inferiority complex. Mehmet Oruc Hodja expresses this truth as follows;

Once Western science was ours
We taught them and they appreciated

We fell into debauchery and lost our scientific skills
We pledged many years ago to bring them back

O wayfarer! For this reason I went to Europe
I swore to bring back the stolen

Unfortunately fate broke my arms and wings
O wayfarer! Don't stop. Go and finish the rest of the way

All forms of art belong to God. God is the real artist. God is omniscient. He knows everything and he informs his people. Science is also a part of his creation.. One of his beautiful names is 'The All-Knowing One'(=Al Alim). Great theosophist Hazrat Niyazi Misri mentions this Truth with these words,

Watch the artist. He displays hundreds of art everyday
The aim is to declare himself

God is the artist. He performs thousands of art forms everyday. In fact thousand is quite a small number in accordance with the number of arts he performs. It is said like that in the course of conversation. His artistry in all creations expresses his power.  This is so for the wise.

'If one stands in front of the mirror and looks at his eyes, eyebrows or hair or if he sees bee's making honey or caterpillars' making cocoon or if he perceives the colour and the smell of flowers, his amazement increases witnessing God's might.'

Divine beauty manifests itself through Man, Adam and Universe.

The reason for rebellion against God is to manifest the name of Majesty

The reason for superior mercy is to declare the single drop in the sea of generosity

Rebellions, wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, typhoons, floods are all God's veils of Jalal (=majesty). Diseases are manifestation of God's Jalal as well. Beneath the veil of rebellion against God, the desire to declare the name of Majesty is hidden. Jalal(=majesty) indicates might, greatness and grandeur.

'Listen to earthquake noise or roaring of a lion or voice of thunder. What an art! What a might!'

See what an art, what a might, what a wisdom
He converted an atom into the universe and a drop into an ocean

God converted an atom into the universe and a drop into an ocean with his might and greatness.

This is only a drop in the ocean of God's mercy, generosity and liberality which he gives all living things. Indeed we always tend to think the infinity of his goodness and mercy.

It is impossible to express his generosity and his endless mercy.

On the fourth stage of Hazrat Muhammad's (pbuh) miraculous ascent , he experienced ecstasy (=hal). There are two types of ecstasy in Sufism. One of them occurs in the state between sleep or wakefulness. In Sufi terminology this state is called 'beyne'n nevm ve'l yakaza'. While you are performing ritual prayer or doing dhikr you are gently carried into stillness and your tongue slows down to speak . You aren't really awake but you aren't asleep either. You see a vision which appears in a moment , as a flash and disappears quickly. The other type of ecstasy occurs when you are awake and your eyes are open. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) experienced this during his miraculous journey.

Hazrat Muhammad looked down from the sky and saw an ocean below. It was such a big ocean that it didn't have an end . Over the ocean there was a pigeon who was carrying a single grain (=habbe-i vahid) in his beak. He was flying in circles. Hazrat Muhammad was amazed on witnessing this miraculous event.

‘Prophets and saints have a valley of amazement. They enter this valley. In Sufi terminology it is called ' valley of amazement' ( =Vadi-i hayret) or ' the dessert of insanity' (=Sahra-yı cunun) Insanity(=cunun) doesn't mean madness, it is the mystical knowingness acquired in amazement. Prophets and saints experience ecstasy not madness. Ecstasy is a state of being beside one's self under the influence of great amazement and joy.’

Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) asked ' O my Lord! What does this ocean mean? Who is this pigeon who flies in circles which are kilometres wide and who hasn't got a place to land?'

'Through the Angel Gabriel (a.s) God replied ' O Muhammad! The number of my people are equal to the number of the feathers of the pigeon . The number of sins of all my present and previous people are like ' the single grain' (=habbe-i vahid), in the pigeon's beak. But the endless sea which you see below is the sea of my mercy and grace.'

In Hadith Qudsi God says,

'Verily, My Mercy will prevail over My Wrath. '

He who knows his self arrives in an endless land
O Niyazi! Knowing one's poverty is the way to enter this land

There is only one way to perceive all these things that I try to tell; perfections of humanity, oneness of God , his endless beauty , art , mercy and many others. This way is to know one's poverty , incapability. In Hadith Qudsi Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) says,

' Poverty  is my pride .'

True poverty isn't merely lack of wealth but lack of the desire of materialistic world. Prophets don't have their own bodies. They are like 'nay' whose body is emptied. God speaks through them. God's spirit occupies their every cell from hair to nail. They are filled with Holy Spirit. They are united with God and absorbed in him.

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) says ' Don't look at my flesh body and say he is Muhammad. I'm the image of God. I'm God's manifestation. '

The Arabic word 'Muhammad' means 'the praised one or the one worthy of praise'. He who is chosen, glorified, praised, thanked Him through himself. He says, ' Thanks ! I've got Muhammad.' Who is he?


God caused Prophet Muhammad to thank Him through Himself. He was freed from worldly attachments. God tuned into his every cell and experienced his reality. The words he utters (=Fem-i Muhsin) are the words of God. In the Holy Qur'an God says,

'Nor does he speak out of desire. It is naught but revelation that is revealed.'
(The Star, Verse3,4)

This is so for both prophets and saints.