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 Discourse 8 (02.08.1997)



Servanthood is only an attribute. Saints (=ahlullah) are truly filled with God. The way to  God is  Turuq-i Aliyya (= Sufi Way) in other words Tariqat-i Muhammadiyya (=Muhammadan Way) . The Sufi Way consists of four stages.


1- Shariat-i  Ahmadiyya     ( Islamic law based on Koran )

2- Tariqat-i Muhammadiyya   (  The way of Muhammad )

3- Marifat-i Ilahiyya   (  True Knowledge of  God )

4- Visal-i Haqq   ( Union with God )


There is speech in the first three stages but not  in the fourth stage. Because there is Ahadiyyat (=Oneness) and Amaiyyat (= unseenness) in this stage.


‘Ama(=unseen) is a stage. It is neither completely filled nor unfilled.’


Taayyun-u Awwal (= before existing visibly ) or La taayyun (=invisibility) are other expressions used for ‘Amaiyyat ’ (=unseenness ). There isn’t Ayniyat (=visibility) or  vision there. Everything is in Ayan-u Sabita (= not yet visible ).


Suppose you are an engineer. You have a plot of land and you will design a project. You are standing on one  side of the land  and viewing it. Meanwhile you are making a plan    in your mind. Nothing has happened yet. Or suppose you will  say something to someone. Thoughts come to your mind before  they come out of your mouth. They are more abstract. They haven’t been put into letters, sounds or speech yet or come out of your mouth but you have made all the preparations to say them. This stage is called ‘Ama’ (=unseen). In other words it is called ‘ la taayyun ’,  which means invisible. It exists but not visibly exist yet. When it visibly exists, it becomes taayyun (=visible). The stage in which something exists as a thought  or an  idea in the mind but not turn into reality is  called ‘Ama’(=unseen) or  ‘Ayan-i Sabita’(= not yet visibly exist). This is  same for every manifestation .


Before God manifested Himself,  he desired to let the hidden unseen in him to be seen in other words he wished to  reveal himself. With regard to this subject as we mentioned in our teachings before there is a Hadith Qudsi  which says,


‘I was a Hidden Treasure and loved to be known, so I created the creations.


Before anything else was, there was God. Everything existed  in the mind of God  but not  became visible yet. Everything was ‘ kuntu kanzan’ (=hidden treasure). Science and knowledge of things were all treasure. They existed but not manifested and not visible.


When it is the right time, science and knowledge of things which are in ‘Ayan-u Sabita’ (=not yet visibly exist) manifests. For example; think of the invention of  electricity. Electricity was not known yet. There is a scientist by the name Edison and he is working on it with much effort.  So the science which is in ‘Amaiyyat ’(unseenness) or in other words ‘La Taayyun (=invisibility)  is approaching to ‘Taayyun’(visibility). It is moving from abstract to concrete. Because God awarded  his efforts.


‘He prepared equipment and materials. He conducted  experiments at the laboratory. He worked hard. He made every effort. Sure that person would achieve something one day. God repays all.’


I once  heard my Master Hodja Mustafa Effendi(k.s.) say,


‘Likewise the praying beads I hold in my hand,  knowledge of electricity which was   ‘kuntu kanzan’ (=hidden treasure) was inspired to the heart of a Sufi Master in India. It is moving from ‘Amaiyyat’(=unseenness) to ‘Ayniyyat’ ( =visibility). There was a man called Edison who was engaged in  science. He worked on the invention of electricity for many years, he contributed to it and he attained a certain level so he deserved to invent it. Then the Indian Saint transmitted the knowledge to him. When Edison connected negative pole to the positive one, he invented electricity.’


‘Both God’s mercy and God’s grief are transmitted to humanity through Saints. Because they are like Central Bank.’


‘God is just (=Adl mutlaq).  God is ‘ Eleysallahu bi-ahkami’l hakimin’.It was not God’s purpose that your faith should be in vain. He is the judge of the judges.’


In a verse God says,


‘Allah was not going to make your faith to be fruitless; most surely Allah is Affectionate, Merciful to the people . ’(The Cow, Verse 143)


According to this verse, if you spend time and make an effort to fulfil the requirements of  Sufi Path or religion or worldly life, God will never make your faith of no effect. God is the ultimate owner of  both the religion and the world .


God didn’t  let Edison’s many years of study go in vain. He succeeded at last.


When my Sufi Master once honoured us with his visit to Kutahya, we walked home together. Students were leaving  Kutahya High School by the back door. We found ourselves among hundreds of children. My  master who  heard the joyful sounds and saw the enthusiasm of children , looked at them with a smile full of tenderness and mercy  and then he held my hand and said,


‘My son, look at these children. They are now doing good deeds (=Amal-i Salih). In the future they will finish schools one after the other and they will become doctors, engineers, governors, judges or experts upon a particular branch of science and they will attain  a rank or a position.’


Those who hold positions today were all children once. Today they get  the rewards of the good deeds they performed in the past and they serve humanity.


It is possible to say more on this subject. A child is apprenticed to a master by his father. When the apprenticeship is completed, the child advances to become a trained craftsman. The child’s apprenticeship period  should also be accepted as a good deed ( =Amal-i Salih).Because all these things are service to humanity. Work is worship as well.


It is wrong to limit good deeds ( =Amal-i Salih)  as belief, salat, fasting, etc. There are many others. Because the world is whole and either knowingly or unknowingly people serve each other. Thus, worship also refers to servanthood and service.