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Discourse 10 (05.08.1997)



‘ Get busy doing something  but fix your heart on God.’

There are so many idioms related to this  subject such as, ‘ Hands are busy with work,  heart is busy with the sweetheart ’ ,  ‘ Hands should bring wealth  but heart should be  with the beloved.’ They all mean the same. Everything should be done feeling  God’s presence with us. While you are eating something , while you are thinking or busy doing your work, your  mind should be filled with  God.


‘ And do not eat of that on which Allah's name has not been mentioned, and that is most surely a transgression; and …’( The Cattle, Verse 121)


When you are at the table,  you should think about the processes which brought  the food - a blessing from the Divine-  to your table. They were seeds in the earth. Then  they became fruits, vegetables and bread, etc.  After a long journey,  they came to be on your table. You should eat them visualizing  the journey- how they grew, what processes they underwent and what they gained from earth, water, air, sun, night and day, summer and winter for  their becoming mature. If you eat mindfully ,  you can turn eating into worship and the food  becomes Light.


‘ Eat not of that on which Allah's name has not been pronounced: That would be impiety. ’


April showers bring flowers. You’d better  become a honey bee  which visits early flowers for nectar. There is another type  of bee. It is called ‘ Wasp ’. Wasps are useless. They don’t produce honey. They invade honey bee nests and steal  their honey. If you eat the food which is a blessing from Divine  thinking the long journey they came to be on your table,  you then resemble a honey bee. Then the food nourishes your body . It turns to wisdom , intelligence and Light. On the other hand, if you eat the meals, deserts,etc. and fill  your stomach  as if  pouring them from one place to another,   this means  you haven’t got these good thoughts or beauties  and eating  turns to be  wickedness and debauchery  in other words you become a wasp which steals  honey. However, we should think about the processes of the blessings we  buy, use or eat, we should always remember God  and  give thanks for  his gifts. Not only the food is a blessing from Divine but also the things  we use and wear are his blessings.


‘There is a manner  in Mawlawiyya. They kiss their jacket when they take it off at night and they kiss the duvet when they get into bed.’


These are blessings from Divine. Suppose you haven’t got a duvet in  winter or a cold drink  in summer or you haven’t got a jacket, raincoat or shoes to wear when you get outside. Everything is a blessing. While cleaning bean, rice or lentil, woman shouldn’t  lose or waste even a single grain . If you know the value of a grain of  bean, rice or lentil, then you know the value of the rest. There is an old saying, ‘ Those who know the value of one, know the value of thousand, those who don’t know the value of one, don’t know the value of thousand.’


Thus what is in one is in others. We should sit at the table having these thoughts and start  meal  saying ‘Bismillahirrahmanirrahim’ ( =In the name of God Most Beneficient Most Merciful ) . After the meal we should say, ‘ O my God! We give you thanks. Please give your blessings to everyone. O my God! Please increase the amount of  blessings in our lives.’  This should be taught to children as well.


If the child doesn’t hear these words from his parents or teachers, he becomes  a doer of bad deeds. He becomes rebellious, selfish, an enemy of humanity, vandal, etc. For this reason parents  are responsible for teaching good manners to their children . If parents are not a good example in their behaviour, what can a child do? We can’t blame the child whose parents  haven’t taught  him the good and bad manners.


‘ Parents are shepherds and the children are their flock. If the shepherd neglect  his flock, they will be devoured by wolves in other words they are deceived by devil.’


We can’t blame a child because  child is innocent. His parents didn’t teach him anything. A child  is under the protection and responsibility of his family. He  should be taught wordly, religious and spiritual things, to communicate with other people,  to value  the blessings and many other things.


This is what is called culture. If you don’t have these good qualities, it doesn’t matter whether you are graduated from a university and became a lawyer, doctor, engineer,etc. Living without national and spiritual values is absence of culture.


There is no  reason  not to be thankful. However, there are limitless reasons to be grateful. In the Holy Qur’an God says,


‘ I would certainly give to you more, and if you are ungrateful,

My chastisement is truly severe. ’ ( Abraham, Verse 7 )


The interpretation of  terrible punishment is many.  First of all you may lose all your possessions and become poor. You had many yesterday but not any today. What a pity! Yesterday you  were so but  today you are so.You may get ill or another bad thing may happen to you. You start to suffer in this world.  For this reason no matter who we are, even agha, bey , pasha or merchant or what our rank, position, prestige or fame is , we mustn’t forget our being servants.


‘ We must always show modesty. We must be zero. Zero times a million  equals zero. One which is followed by zeros  is the power of God.  Zeros  become valuable by adding 1 at the beginning.’


Suppose zeros are human bodies. Being  zero refers to the incapability of servants. As everything has an opposite in this world, the opposite of incapability is capability. Servant is incapable whereas God is capable. On this subject Hazrat Kusteri(Qustari) says,


The veil of  existence destroyed many Karagozes

You’d better see  the master who  set up a stage of  love


I burned  candle’s wick, I put a curtain, my play  is Imaginary Shadow

This is an Imaginary Shadow, neither grief nor joy is eternal


This screen belongs to Shaykh Akbar Kusteri

You’d better see  the master who  set up a stage of  love


To perceive the character is only possible in the form of Man

The veil of foresight doesn’t hinder the wise


Hazrat Kusteri made  images of  Karagoz and Hacivat. He gave messages to people  through  this puppet show. What   are called  Karagoz and Hacivat  are semi-transparent puppets. The plot of the show is based on Sufism. The performer deforms his voice in two characters as deep and feeble.


Hacivat appears on the screen  and says, ‘ O my God ( Hayy-i Hakk ), give me something for amusement.’ This shows the unity’s(=wahdat) turning to multiplicity(=kasrat) that is One’s becoming many. ‘One’ is Unity(=wahdat). However two is  multiplicity (=kasrat).  ‘ Two ’ and ‘Two Million ’ are not different . Two always refers to  multiplicity (=kasrat).


First Hacivat appears on the stage. This is unity. He then searches for a pleasent companion for some amusement.


‘ Conversation occurs between two people . One is the speaker and the other is the listener or the others are listeners. One can only talk to himself when he is alone. He talks without moving his lips, without using  patterns . Letters are  the patterns  of  meaning.’


While you are sitting at home or while you are  cooking, ironing or peeling potatoes,  if you are on your own,  don’t you talk to others in your inner world? Sure you talk. This is a wordless  speech, silent  speech. When someone is alone , he talks to himself innerly.


‘ In fact Man is a major community ( =camiyat kubra ). Man can talk to millions of people  alone. When he is alone, he talks more. Because there is  a major community( =camiyat kubra ) inside of him.’


When one becomes silent, he starts to think deeply. Thoughts are limitless. There are many verses on the subject of  thought in the Holy Qur’an.

While thinking deeply, one forgets his Self. Prophets and saints are meditative people. Descartes, a French philosopher says, ‘ Man is what he thinks. ’


Our Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) used to meditate from time to time in the cave of Hira during  many years. In a Hadith  he says, ‘ One hour of reflection is better than one year of worship.’


One day he retired into the cave of Mount Hira and meditated for long hours. When he left the cave, he heard a voice saying , ‘ O Muhammad ! ’. He looked around to find out where the voice  came from . However there wasn’t anybody in the cave. He then went to his home in excitement and told everything to Hazrat Khadija (Hatice).Our Holy mother Khadija (Hatice) said to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh),


‘ You are tired. Sleep there for a while.’ She then covered him.


A few days later he went to meditate in  the cave of Hira again. When he left the cave, he heard the same voice calling his name. However the voice came from  not one or thousand but the whole particles of the world. We shall  listen to the rest of it from Sulayman Chalabi.


All creations became happy

Grief disappeared, the world was filled with joy again


The voice echoed from all the particles in the  universe

And said aloud, ‘ Hello, O Muhammad ’


All the particles in the universe greeted the Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) respectfully and said aloud , ‘ O Muhammad Mustafa’


We shall return back to Hazrat Kustari,


When Hacivat says, ‘ O my God! (=Hayy-i Hakk)’,  Karagoz’s coughing  is heard. Hacivat says,


‘Come here my Karagoz. I’ll  talk,  you’ll  listen . You’ll talk, I’ll listen. So we’ll  chat.’


This small stage symbolizes the universe which is ‘ the stage of God ’. This is a metaphor. The voice is speaking back to the curtain. Karagoz and Hacivat  are only  pieces of cardboard . If we think figuratively, eyelids are curtains. What will happen when you close? You will talk to yourself. When you open, you will talk to the others. When you close your eyes, you are more concerned with the inner world. When you open them, you direct your attention towards the outer world. There is a big community inside.


The play begins with Hacivat’s entry. Then  Karagoz comes  and they become friends. They talk about daily routines of life but Karagoz sometimes can’t understand Hacivat’s words. One should be careful while listening to Hacivat because he  represents the wise however, Karagoz represents  the ignorant in the play.


In the play  Hazrat Kustari’s main point is, ‘ There are two types of people in this world. Those who are wise,  perfect and  cultivated and those who are unwise.’


Karagoz can’t understand the words of Hacivat. Then Hacivat repeats them. However Karagoz misunderstands them again. At the end Karagoz behaves Hacivat  rudely  and slaps his face.


‘The lives of unwise people  are full of rude and ignorant  behaviours. ’


Scenes from everyday life are displayed in the  court of Father Kustari and the actors   represent  the real  people. We can move our hands, we can see and  hear but there is someone inside us who does this. Likewise  Karagoz and Hacivat’s being moved by the puppeteer behind the curtain, by saying,


‘I burned  candle’s wick, I put a curtain, my play  is Imaginary Shadow’


Father Kustari wants to express that what is inside is  the Light of God.


Are winter, summer, spring, childhood and youth everlasting? No. We live in a finite world. Everything has an end. God is the only eternal being without beginning and without end.


There is a hidden reality behind the image. The wise find this. The image is the physical form  and  the hidden reality in it  is God.


There is someone  inside us. He directs the body. God , ‘the All Mighty’, directs  the  earth (afaq) and  heaven (anfus). Man is not the possessor of his own body. God owns it. God is the only owner of everything.


‘ The puppeteer who moves Karagoz and Hacivat behind the curtain is Hayali Kucuk Ali. Karagoz and Hacivat  are  pieces of cardboard but  the people  applaud them. Because they see the puppets. However, the wise don’t see Hacivat and Karagoz. They see the master , the  puppeteer,  who stands behind the curtain. Likewise this, Perfect Man see the truth hidden behind the physical form.’


We’d better interpret the word love. God created the world as an act of love.  This can be done in one of two ways : either willingly or  unwillingly.


‘I was a hidden treasure, and I desired  to be known.’


God desired his science, which is hidden in his limitless knowledge, to be known.  With regard to this hadith  Hazrat Kustari says, ‘You’d better see  the master who set up a stage of  love’  and by saying master he means  God. As Haji Bayram-i Wali says, ‘ The wise understand this but the  unwise  talk against  it.’


‘All the saints speak the same thing. Their language is the same.  It is the language of Unity, the language of heart. Each of them expresses the power of God, the union with  God,etc. using their  own words.’


The disciples  of  Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) ask him,


‘O Muhammad!  What was God and where was he before the universe was created?’

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) says,


‘ Kanallahu walam yakun maahu shay’un (=Before anything else was, there was God). God who knows and sees the universe and the things before they were manifested was present by his Essence.’


Hazrat Imam Ali (k.v.) and (r.a.), who is acknowledged as the ‘ Father of Sufism’, says,


‘El an kemakan . It is the same today.’


In  Hadith Qudsi- ‘ Kuntu kanz’ - God says he manifested His love while creating  his hidden  treasure.


We can  liken the world of existence, the universe , to a ship. In that case the ship refers to  love. The Holy Qur’an, Hadith Sharif (=blessed sayings), Saints and Pirs all tell this Truth.


‘We should  love in God’s name,  for God’s sake, without any reason. We should learn to love. This is the way of being Perfect. ’


After these explanations, it’s better to listen to the words of Hazrat Haji Bayram-i Wali.


God created a city between two worlds

The face of the beloved is seen  on the side of  this city


The Man, the physical form is expressed . What is meant by city is heart. When Ankara became the capital city of Turkey, the poets of the time said, ‘ Haji Bayram-i Wali pointed out that Ankara would be a capital by saying the city’. It doesn’t matter, they may think so.


The apprentices carve stones and  show  it  to their master

They recite the name of God  in every piece they carve


Dawran ( turning ), dhikr and love are mentioned in these lines. What does carving a stone mean? He carves his heart which is as hard as stone  by reciting ‘Allah’(Allah) ,La ilaha illallah’  ( there is no God other than Allah  ), ‘ Hu ’ (  O He   ).


Guns are fired from the castle and they hit the spirits

The spirits of the lovers are sold in the market of that city


Castles are high. So what does castle represent ? Ideas and inspirations. They come from heart. Orders  occur in the brain   and   come out of the mouth. Brain  is life’s  executive organ. It gives  orders to hand to apply  its plans and projects.


‘ The bazaar of spirits  ’ is mentioned in the  lines above. The lovers  exhibited their hearts in the bazaar and offered for sale. The path of love is a bazaar of  spirits. It is not a leather bazaar. Hearts  are sold and bought there. However Haji Bayram-i Wali says, ‘ A lover offered  his heart  for sale in the bazaar but nobody wanted  to buy. ’


What I call city is the heart,  it is neither  wise  nor unwise

The blood of lovers is free  on the side of this city


There is a seller and a buyer in the  market so there is twoness, multiplicity there. However the disciple doesn’t like twoness. He says, ‘If there isn’t a buyer  for my heart, then it is free.’ On the path of love the blood of lovers is free. Shaykh Galib says, ‘ First one sweats, then bleeds, then dies’ .


If the heart, skin and muscles don’t move,

You can’t see the beloved  on  that threshold


He puts an end to his words. These ideas can’t be expressed in a few words. They should be  interpreted  long hours. I can’t do this. I can only present you what is granted by God .


The wise can understand my words, the ignorant always talk unnecessarily

Haji Bayram  tells the truth  from the minaret of that city


Haji Bayram-i Wali says, ‘ I call  the wise . Only they understand me. The ignorant always talk unnecessarily and too much.’ Haji Bayram feels ecstasy and tells the truth.


The word ‘minaret’ is used in the lines above. How can the externalists (=ahl i zahir) understand what ‘ minaret ’ , ‘dome’ or ‘major community’ refer to? Mosque and minaret represent man. The gallery of the minaret is the mouth of Man. Dome is the head of Man. The congregation under the dome is called major community which represents  billions of cells in Man.


Hazrat Niyazi Misri says,


My Master, the multiplicity  veiled  the eyes of people


He addresses to the master. He says, ‘ O my friend, my beloved, my servant! This multiplicity veiled the people’s eyes but there are  some who have wisdom.


The wise  watched  you in every face


The word ‘every’ is used in above line. Everything has a face. The wise watch  God’s face  in every face . However, one should spend lots of time and effort to achieve this. He  should train  his  Nafs (=Self) again and again. He should wait for  the surrender of  Nafs dragon. Nafs dragon only surrenders to love and nothing else .


Hazrat Niyazi says,


Don’t deal with the world too much,  give  up   for a while

This is a hard work, you have to work  a lot


Many worked to repair this ruin

While restoring one part, the other part was destroyed


Look at the world around you. The world is a ruin. It is destroyed because of  wars, pulling downs and natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, whirlwind, storm. Man tries to repair some parts of it  however  while doing this the other parts are destroyed. Man goes on rebuilding  it. These are the results of atmospheric changes. Many aghas, bays, pashas  tried to repair  this old world by building inns(=khans),Turkish baths, etc.. However while building one part, the other part is  destroyed.


Such things always happen, don’t they? Man is cruel, perfidious, ruthless. Think of Kutahya. Many fires, earthquakes happened which led to destructions and ruins and many civilisations developed there. Everywhere is similar. Because the world is old. While talking about the world’s being old, a story about  Sultan Sulayman is told in Sufi Orders.


‘ Story is the envelope of truth. Truth  is the  letter (=the main idea of)   in  the story.


Sultan Sulayman (a.s.) says to the spiritualists,


‘Make me a bowl but  in the clay of this bowl there musn’t be any flesh or blood of man.


The spiritualists stroll from hills to rocky mountains, from rivers to lakes. They  go everywhere around the world. They see that there is blood and flesh everywhere even at  Everest  Mount. At the end they decide to  dive deep into sea and take some clay for the bowl. They dive 10.893 metres deep. They dive into the world’s deepest spot, the Philippine Deep, near Mindanao, the largest island in Philippines. Thinking that there isn’t human blood or flesh there , they  take some clay. They make a bowl from  that clay and serve soup  in it to Sultan Sulayman. Sultan Sulayman gets  a spoonful of soup from the bowl and he hears a voice.


‘O Sulayman, enjoy your meal.’


Sultan Sulayman looks around but can’t  see anybody. He calls the spiritualists and says,


‘Come here. I  am hearing a voice. Where does it come from?’


The spiritualists say,


‘O Our Sultan,  there is a place which is ten thousand feet  below the sea level. We thought  there wasn’t human flesh or blood there but  we failed. The voice that you hear  is the corpse’s  cry   to you. Then Sultan Sulayman says these  lines ,


Think of the things that  has happened to the mankind

The ground you walk on step  by step  was  once Man


‘ Life didn’t start so how can it end. It had no beginning so it will have  no end. ’


If we think the end of something, then it  must have  a beginning. If there is beginning, then there is an end. If there isn’t a beginning, then there is no end. Where  is the beginning or the end of a circle? Not space but the earth is  turning . Kadim(=eternal), dawran (=turning)..........


‘He is the First and the Last and the Ascendant (over all) and the Knower of hidden things, and He is Cognizant of all things.’(  The Iron, Verse 3 )


In Wird  al-Sattar  Hazrat Yahya al- Shirwani (=Yahya-i Þirvani) says,


‘ Awwalun, kadimun ila ibtida wa ahirun karimun mukiman bila intiha.’


‘ God is the First that  has no beginning. God is the Last that has no end. ’


Sultan Sulayman ( a.s.) says  the same thing.


‘ What is  history? It is not even yesterday.’


The Earth is very old. Scientists were saying that  the upper limit on the  lifetime of Earth is about 5 billion years ten or fifteen years ago. I laughed when I heard this number. This is quite a short period of time. A few years passed and they started to say that it  is 20 billion years. I don’t know how much  they will increase. Hazrat Gaibi says,


Earth and skies manifested in the continuous instant

The spiritual pole of the time is the master of continuous instant


Instant is important. Time is made up of instants. However one instant is not the same as  the other. There is always a  new manifestation.


‘ Every moment He is in a state (of glory).’( The Beneficent, Verse 29)


Saints interpret the Arabic word ‘ yevn’ as a moment.  ‘Every day God exercises (universal) power.’  It is the same in the heart.


‘ Neither the happenings in the world are the same as  the previous ones nor God’s inspirations  in your heart are the same as the ones before. They are endless, infinite....... ’


Close your eyes, ears and mouth  for a certain time

Leave  your mind and ideas and veil your face


Hazrat Niyazi Misri says, ‘ Eyes, ears and mouth are doors. They are the doors of body. Lock your doors and don’t let anybody in. Live with the one inside you, live with God. But he asks us to do this for a certain time.  When we are ready not to be deceived by evil, the  time limit ends. Does a  mother let her one year old child go out? He may fall into a hole or bad people may deceive him. For this reason mother doesn’t let her child  go out until he takes  care of  himself. Spiritual life is so.


A conquest door  will open in the heart of those who love God


God is in your heart. Open  the  door of your heart and conquer the city of the heart. The real victory is to know yourself.


The  saying which has made Sokrates quite well-known for  2500 years is ‘ Know Yourself’. There is another popular saying by him. He said  this one  at the end of his life. He gathered all his students and said,


‘ Listen to me very carefully. I am telling you my last words. I know, that I know nothing.’


Socrates admits the truth with his last words . Human knowledge is nothing compared to God’s knowledge. It is not even  a single drop in the ocean.


Ibn Kemal was a Sheikh-ul-Islam (= the head of the ulema) during the reign of  Yavuz Sultan Selim. He was a great scholar. However he was proud of it.


‘ Wealth and  rank make one proud but when love comes, it sweeps away all the pride. Nothing except love causes someone to get rid of it.


Man deceives himself into thinking that he has something to be proud of. He chases  a mirage.


‘ When love comes, the fight ends. It cures all illnesses. Because love is the philosopher’s stone.’


The unwise ran after this mirage thinking  it was water

None of them could find a drop of water in this desert


One shouldn’t run after a mirage. Water refers to Divine inspiration. It is endless.


We talked about knowing oneself. Let’s see how Great Yunus expresses the way of knowing oneself and where he found himself.


The fine lines of Great Yunus are as follows,


I went forward, step  by step,  into this world

I strolled the eighteen thousand worlds in a mountain


I roared like thunder, I sighed  like the ground

I murmured like streams and flowed in  a mountain


I passed through seventy thousand veils,  I removed the secret ones

I met with my  Friend, I found him in a mountain


I didn’t see like the  blind, I didn’t share your words with others

I prayed for union  in a mountain

I was always with my Sheikh, I followed his footprints

I got some love and  drank it in a  mountain


They prepared a bed and covered  it with Light

I asked  whose it was, in a mountain


Yunus says, ‘ I stroll in the bazaar of Friend ’

I saw the face of God in a mountain


Each line contains deep meanings which can fill books. They are like  precious metal deposits lie deep in the earth . The more you dig the more you  obtain. Meaning in meaning.


Mountain in the lines  refers to human body. We will continue with the fine words of Hazrat Niyazi. ‘ Unite with your True self. Cut your contact  with the outside world. Close the doors of your body. Renounce all things but save love for God. What you hear, what you listen to, what you say should be all about God.’


If you want to get rid of death,  go and fall in love

Burn the body with the fire of love


O Father Niyazi!  Is it possible to be saved from mortal death ? Everybody dies.


‘People are born and die but there are ones who are born but not die. Why?’


Death is not the corpse’s being  put into grave. Although 2500 years passed, Socrates’s; although 700 years passed, Yunus’s and Rumi’s; although 400 years passed Niyazi Misri’s books and memories still survive. Words live forever. The seed of  Man is word. Words are immortal.


‘The words of the great men never die. They live on through their words till Doomsday.’


The great are the ones  who become great through their words. Because wise words elevate people to  higher places. God’s eternal attribute regarding to His Self (=Sifat al-Zatiyya) is Word (=Kelam). Life, knowledge, hearing, sight, will, power, speech and  body  are trusts from God. God looked for a thing to put his attributes in  and called  it Man. Man has  the characteristics and attributes of God. However they are not ours. They belong to God. So what have we got? Nothing! The poverty which Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) expresses  is this.


‘Poverty is my Pride. ’


This is not an economical poverty. Man hasn’t got aything to say ‘Mine’. Everything belongs to God. The image of God manifests itself in man and we say this image ‘ Our ’. No! What we say ‘ Ours ’  is  in fact ‘His’.


‘Man dies but his work survives. Animal dies but its saddle survives.’


When you fall in love, a new life begins. Love kills. It is like  soil. Soil also kills  the seed that you put into it. When love enters the heart, it kills one. It kills the vanities of life, one’s Self, pride, arrogance, jealousy, passion, hatred, hypocrisy and ingratitude. Love causes one to  be free from every low quality and purifies the  heart.


On the Sufi Path  the seventh stage is ‘Purified Nafs’ (=Safiyya). Likewise the soil’s killing seed, love also kills Man and only love remains in lover’s body. However a new life starts from that dead seed. The real life is after death.


Enter the door of the  Sorrow Tavern, never  leave  the goblet


What sort of tavern is this? ‘ Sorrow Tavern ’ is written at the door of it . It is not a real tavern, it is a tavern of sorrow. The goblet  refers to the Divine Speech which  proceeded out of the mouth of  Sufi Masters. Wine is the enthusiasm which fills  the heart of the listener. In the Holy Qur’an wine is  expressed as follows,


‘Their Lord shall make them drink a pure drink. ’( Man, Verse 21)


In the Arabic form of the verse the word ‘ tahura’ is used which means pure, without sediment. This wine isn’t in a goblet which can be seen or hold in the hand. Because this wine is the spiritual joy passes from heart to heart. Sufi Master’s teachings on divine science and knowledge cause this ecstasy which is symbolized as wine in the hearts of the listeners. This wine refers to the love of God  and for this reason it is charming.


Niyazi Misri calls this tavern  ‘ Sorrow Tavern ’ whereas Hazrat Gaibi calls it ‘Heart Tavern’.


One is not a true lover unless he drinks love wine in the heart tavern

One is not a true lover unless he removes the veils through al-buraq that is Love


Here he likens love to celestial horse. Celestial horse is love. Love lifts one up. ‘Ascend ’ means  rise, go up. Love is sublime and pleasant so  it dwells on high. Love aims high.


‘ Whoever  falls  in  love  ascends.’


Hazrat Gaibi tells passing  through the veils by riding celestial horse which is Love.  Love saves one from veils. It is impossible to tell love.


Without giving head and  heart  to the beloved

Without  alighting on a wisdom rose

Without flying to paradise through its  bird

One can not become a true lover


If one participates in Sufi gatherings, if he is enlightened through the words coming out of a Sufi Master’s mouth, then he puts a ladder up to the sky. Then he goes upwards. Otherwise he can’t fly. Because he will be a nightingale who alights on a wisdom rose. One’s going upward is a figurative expression. The truth is the soul’s being uplifted.


All the saints, all the learned- both the scholars of Islam and Sufism-  experienced ecstasy in Hazrat Muhammad’s(pbuh)  Heart Tavern . He enchanted the whole universe. He was the philosopher’s stone (=elixir). We are the cupbearers (=saqi), the drunk of his tavern. We are wholly drunk. We are in this ecstasy from head to toe. We are no  more slaves to the  world. Love captured us. Love arrow  penetrated into our hearts.  Love hunted us. We are extremely pleased with this ecstasy. It is impossible to express this pleasure. Because words are not enough to express love. Fire burns wherever it falls. Yunus expresses this finely,


The fire of love  has done  a lot in my heart

I saw lovers today, they gave news about my sorrow

Come here those who are suffering, come and take from my sorrow

Those who are suffering understand eachother so what do the others do


Let’s return  to the Nutki Sharif of Hazrat Niyazi,


There isn’t any wine for the lover except the blood of heart


What the lover drinks is the blood of  his heart. The lover whirled and recited the name of God for days and nights, for months and years and as a result  he caught fire and  burned.


Endeavour  continuously so that  you can understand God

Knowing God is the best deed in two worlds


Endeavour(=himmat) is one’s own  attempt. Endeavour (=himmat) refers to the follower’s inborn talent. If one has inborn talent, it will be  uncovered in time. This  will occur through the guidance of a Sufi Master. If we explain a bit more, it can be said the thoughts, desires and good wishes of one ,  his  resignation to the will of  God and his wishing science and  knowledge of God in resignation and faithfulness. These are high expectations and people are limited in their  expectations.


‘Don’t endeavour to do  another thing! Always endeavour to know God. Endeavour (=himmat) is the way to know God. Nothing is more important than knowing God.’


If  one wants to acquire merit in God’s sight, this  should be  knowing  God. There is nothing more important than that.


If you want to be saved from the  sufferings in the other world


‘Beyond doubt, life will end.


Everybody will die one day but they will be questioned on the Day of Judgement. All deeds will be weighed on a scala. The good will be rewarded and the bad will be punished. In the Holy Qur’an God says,


‘So. he who has done an atom's weight of good shall see it . And he who has done an atom's weight of evil shall see it. ’( The Earthquake, Verse 7,8 )


So on the day of judgement the good and bad deeds will be weighed. There will be  punishment for the bad and reward for the good. Hazrat Niyazi says, ‘ If you want to get rid of the sufferings of the other world,


Be wise cause the reason of suffering is being unwise


The unwise are always in trouble. Because they are inspired by ignorance, suspicion, undue fear and evil. However the wise are inspired by God. They don’t make mistake. Time and  effort he spent, Sufi training, the mercy of God, the intercession of Prophets and the favour of Pirs  purify him from his faults. Ignorance is another name used for Hell.


Don’t suppose  Niyazi says all these things, my friend


O my friends! Don’t think  these are Niyazi’s words. So who says?


As you hear the four holy books tell him


What I said is the essence of these four books. They are even the essence of essence.