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Discourse  12 (17.  08. 1997)



Yunus Emre says to pious, you may go to Mecca thousand  times

But  what is better than this  is to enter a heart


One may make holy pilgrimage thousand times . Surely it is good but  there is something better than this. What is it?  It is to enter the heart of a Sufi Master.


The heart of a Perfect Man is like  a fertile land


As the great say , ‘ They are  like a highly fertile soil.’  When you cast a seed into fertile soil, the soil knows the value and the fertility of the seed and cause it grow into a plant  as the manifestation of  God’s beautiful name,‘ Rab (= creator)’. Soil reveals the beauties, smells, colours, shapes that are hidden in the seed. Likewise a fertile soil Sufi Master reveals  all the beauties of his disciple  and says, ‘ You are so.’


Saints say, ‘There are three things which never lie. They are mirror, soil and Sufi Master.’ When you look in the mirror, you see your reflection. In Masnawi there is an anecdote like that,


An ugly woman looks in the mirror and says, ‘The mirrors of today don’t show  well.’


The woman blames the mirror because of  her ugliness. However mirrors never lie. They show what reflects.


As we said in our previous teachings the second thing which never lies is the soil. You reap what you sow. If you sow millet, you will reap millet. If you sow rye, you will reap rye. Because the soil gives what the seed has.


The third one is Sufi Master. The heart of a Sufi Master is like a fertile soil or a garden of perfections. Sufi Master reflects the beauties and perfections in the Preserved Tablet ( or the Manifest Report = Lawh Mahfuz)  of the disciple to him. He says , ‘ You are so.’


Likewise the mother’s feeding and growing a child the Sufi Master feeds and grows his disciple through his inborn talent, through the intercession of prophets and support of Pirs or  in other words divine inspiration he received from them. Because the disciple is a child as well. He may be sixty or seventy years old but he is the child of the Sufi Path because he is newly initiated. Likewise the baby’s being fed mother’s milk, the disciple is fed  through the  inspiration that comes from the heart of a Sufi Master. He enlightens day by day and  passes through the stages (=Asma). There are seven stages (=Asma)  on the Sufi Path. However there are some exceptions such as Malamiyya and Oshaqiyya. There are three stages in Malamiyya and twelve stages in Oshaqiyya.


‘ Heart is sometimes like the home of idols.’


What is an idol? We shall  talk about it some. All  creation is the manifestation of  God’s beautiful name ‘Rabb (= creator)’ . But the love of any of these creations or the love of  rank, fame or any other wordly thing  is called an idol. Because they exist today but they will  disappear tomorrow. The real love and affection should be towards the everlasting God. What is called  ‘ Masivallah (= forget all but God) ’ in Sufi terminology is this. On this subject Kushadali Ibrahim Halwati (k.s.) says,


Ibrahim renounced all things but saved love for God today

He gave his heart to the beloved , he no more needs heart


We’d better read this Nutk-i Ilahiyya ( = Divine Speech ) from the beginning  so it may   help our readers to understand the Sufi way better.


The one who sees the face of  the beloved never  wishes  to see anything

The one who gives his Self to God never desires to exist


The one who sees  that  the world is  transitory

Never wants any guests in his heart except God


The lovers of God never wish paradise or escape from hell

The wise never  dream  of   a  nymph  or a valet in  paradise


There are those who wish  to have external knowledge (=ilm al-zahir)

Those who learn the secret of God  wants no other knowledge


Ibrahim renounced all things but saved love for God today

He gave his heart to the beloved , he no more needs heart


Worshipping idol means loving any worldly  things which are finite. The wise see  the creation as  God’s  manifestation  so as Great Yunus says,


We are  straight like  Alif

We see God in everything

We love the created

For the sake of the creator

( Alif= The first letter of the Arabic alphabet )

they know that the love for manifestation is the  love for God .


‘ The one who fills his heart with the love of worldly things and who turns his heart into a home of idols  has neither   peace nor joy, nor love , nor enthusiasm.  Because he is busy with inferior  things. ’


The one may be  a sultan or a scholar but unless he cleanses his heart through zhikr and  love of God,  his heart becomes the home of idols ( God save! ). When you look at him,  he is tall, well-dressed and sober-minded. However his heart is ruined. If  dhikr  and love of God  don’t enter the heart,  it becomes  a home of idols.


You may love your house but it may burn. You may love gold or silver but the thief may steal them. You may love rank or position.You may be proud of your position but the tongue has no bone and  one wrong word may  prejudice your position  in the society. People around you for years may leave you. This sort of love is not  real love. It is wordly love.  A Perfect Man says,


‘Thanks God ! I cleansed the dirt of wordly things from my heart by Tawhid.’


As we tried to explain in our teachings before, the interpretation of the verse ‘ Ve yutahhireküm tathira ’  is ‘ cleansing your heart ’ . On this subject a  Perfect Man says,


‘Sultan  won’t stay in the  palace, unless it is in perfect condition ’


God won’t dwell in your heart until you cleanse it. If we invite Sultan to the  heart palace, the palace should be worthy of  Sultan. That is we should purify the heart of other than God. Then  one passes through the stages gradually and becomes a Perfect Man. However the path is full of troubles and sufferings.


The great Saint Hazrat Niyazi Misri expresses the difficulties of the Path of love  as follows,


The path of love is full of troubles,each blessing is only received after suffering

Give up you Self if you want to reach the beloved


Be Ayyub(Job) in patience, be Yaqub(Jacob)  in enduring sorrow

Be a lover  like Yusuf(Joseph) if you wish to reach Kenan( a place of peace )

(Kenan: an  old name given to an area  in the Middle East which includes Israel, Jordan, Syria)


Hazrat Niyazi gives examples about how to be a Perfect Man. He says, ‘ If you want to be a Perfect Man, suffer like  Prophet Yaqub(Jacob) (pbuh) who  suffered separation from Prophet Yusuf(Joseph).’ Yusuf’s  brothers were jealous of him and  threw him into a well.  They covered his  shirt in blood and took it to Prophet Yaqub(Jacob) and   said , ‘ A wolf  devoured Yusuf(Joseph).Yaqub(Jacob)  cried until he became blind.


He says, ‘Be Ayyub( Job) in patience.’ Prophet Ayyub(Job) (pbuh) suffered from skin disease, with painful sores. Worms were produced on his sores  but he did not utter a single word of complaint. He was always patient.


These are the characteristics of Prophets. Ayyub ( Job)  is an example of patience , Yusuf (Joseph) is an example of beauty and Ibrahim (Abraham) is an example of  generosity. The wayfarers of this path should take them as models. Likewise Prophet Ayyub (Job) the disciple should be patient. Prophet Ayyub’s body were covered with worms but he didn’t complain. Even the books say, ‘One of the worms comes nearer to  his heart. God asks,


‘O Eyyub! Do you have any complaints? ’


Prophet Ayyub(Job) (pbuh) says,


‘O my God! I have no complaints but one of the worms comes nearer to my heart. If it penetrates to it, how can I love you?  I am worried about this.’


The worms in the story refers to  a caterpillar or a sort of insect. However its Sufistic interpretation is the things that happened to Prophet Ayyub(pbuh), the sufferings and torments  he endured and worms are his people.


‘Who throws stone to a Sufi Master? It  happens because of the disciples’ misunderstanding. Sufi Masters  avoid  being misunderstood. They say, ‘ The ones who throw a stone  are  from us  but the ones who cause this are not from us.’


Throwing a stone means speaking against someone or backbiting. However  bad remarks  have no influence on  them. As it is said,‘ Dirt can’t stick on a mosque wall.’ It is always clean. Bad remarks return to their  utterers. They suffer a lot. Because they are innocent and honourable. They are  pure like a small child in mother’s arms.


Never look down on  Saints otherwise you get ruined

Never hurt their feelings otherwise you get  ruined


Throwing  stones at them is the worst thing that may happen to someone. This is a misfortune. On this subject Hazrat Gaibi says,  ‘ The one who falls  from the ninth heaven doesn’t die but the one who falls  from heart is ruined.’ If he especially falls from the heart of a real beloved, .... . Falling from a Saint’s heart is thousand times worse than falling from the ninth heaven. May God  let us stay in their hearts and  not fall from there .