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Discourse 14 (20.08.1997)



And Allah has created you and what you make.’ (The Rangers , Verse 96)


God is the one who creates us and  what we make. All  affairs are under God’s control. There is  no  power but of God for the one who attains maturity. God is the only doer but he works through his spirit in things. Man is a thing as well. It is difficult to perceive this for the ones who don’t unite with God or see his manifestation in the anfus (=human selves) and Afaq(= the physical world).  Perfect Men only care God’s power and manifestation. They say, ‘ Creation is nothing else but the manifestation of God.’ ‘Az-zahir’ (= the manifest) is one of the beautiful names of God.


He is the First and the Last and the Ascendant (over all) and the Knower of hidden things, and He is Cognizant of all things.( The Iron, Verse 3)


God is both the inward and the outward, both the first and the last. God  is the Knower of all things.  For this reason one’s thinking himself  as a seperate existence apart from God  is the biggest sin and polytheism. The aim of the Sufi Path is to make us silence our Selves   which do not exist but look as if they exist. On the Sufi Path there is a principle that  is called ‘iskat-i izafat’. It is to know what we call ours is in fact God’s possession. What exists is the  manifestation and image  of God. I would like to repeat the beautiful words of Esad Dede, one of the greats of  Mawlawiyya,


It is God who is seen in  everything

Never think he is apart from you


One’s thinking himself seperate from God is the biggest sin. The aim of the Sufi Path is to make us understand that all existence belong to God and the one  we call  ‘ I ’  is only an image, a surmise.


For the one’s who attain a higher understanding, the letter ‘ Lam’, which is in the middle of the Arabic script of the word ‘ Haqq’, disappears. Because it symbolizes multiplicity. If we omit it there is only God. It is difficult to understand and tell the enthusiasm of the heart of the one who attains this stage. Every instant of his life is like bayram. It is full of happiness. Why is it so? Because wherever he turns his face or whatever he looks he sees God. On this subject, Hazrat Niyazi says,


The wise see God  wherever they turn

They grant grace whatever  they see


‘ .....whither you turn, thither is Allah's purpose…..(The Cow, Verse 115)


Since the wise  attain this perception, they see God wherever they look. Because from a mystical point of view, they are freed from  ignorance which reigns in hell  and enter  the paradise for the wise. In  truth,  the hell is the ignorance of life. It is  not knowing God.


‘The road to paradise passes through hell.’


When ignorance ends, the hell ends and it turns into paradise.


‘Do you eat raw dough instead of  bread? You bake it first. When you open the oven door, you smell the delicious bread. In old words it is called ‘ sacred bread (=nan-ý aziz)’.


Let’s say the oven is hell. The bread got baked in the oven and became ‘sacred bread (=nan-i aziz)’  which is a blessing of  paradise.


Diseases, wars, starvation, fights and all sorts of disagreements that happen to Man are all  ‘Jalal(= Divine Majesty, rigor)’. They are the manifestation of Divine Majesty.


‘It is such a Jalal that it  is like the night.’


Let’s say Jalal is night. But  day is hidden in the night. You can not see it  at 12 o’clock at midnight. When it is 5 a.m. and when morning  dawns,  the night which we call Jalal  leaves. Likewise the baby’s coming  after all the pain and effort, day which we  call ‘Jamal’ comes after  night. This is what the Sufi Path is .


‘The beginning of love is suffering but its end is pleasure.’


The lover who doesn’t suffer can’t understand the value of  pleasure.


There is a way from suffering to pleasure, from sorrow to grace , from jalal to jamal, from night to day, from winter to summer.


‘If one can not stand winter, he can’t see summer. The mother can’t give a birth to a baby without birth pangs.’


‘If you say you can’t stand ‘jalal’,  you can’t see ‘jamal’. If you say you can’t put up with hardships,  you can’t gain grace.’


‘ Belief(=iman)  is hidden in unbelief (=kufr) ’


Kufr literally means  to cover, to conceal. Farmers are also called like that. Why? Farmers sow the seeds in October. What is seed? Seed is a gem. Farmers sow tons of seeds and cover them with soil . For this reason the farmers are called kafir (=one who covers or conceals something) for fun.


Farmers are called kafir because of covering the seed with the soil but there is faith which is hidden in it. These are the results of toleration, patience, wisdom and perception. The wise know this. The experts know this. For this reason they say ‘ It is visible to  the wise but invisible to the unwise.’


The wise watched  you in every  face


Multiplicity dazzles one’s eyes. When you look at multiplicity such as colours, you see that  pink, green, red, white have various tones. This is the world . The colourful ( =refers to the creator ) is  hidden in colours. On this subject a perfect man says, ‘ He adorns himself with colours.’


Nature, people or environment, wherever you look! They are all hidden in colours. Look at the carpet, the flowers, the insects, the birds, the butterflies! They are all adorned and embellished with unique colours. These are God’s own beauty. The only way to attain this perfection  is to become wise.


In  his lines  Hazrat Niyazi Misri says what happens when one is freed from this multiplicity and unites with God.


My Master, the multiplicity veiled  the eyes of people

The wise watched  you in every face


Here he addresses to  Sufi Masters. He doesn’t address to the common people. Because only they know  this. O the master, o my friend! This multiplicity veiled the people’s eyes. Whoever was freed from this multiplicity saw the real One hidden behind the colours and experienced  Divine Union. Then he saw  the beauty of God in every face. It is not something an unwise  can do. What is important is to gain wisdom and to become wise. Being wise is to see what you look. For this reason the wise only see God. Hazrat Niyazi says,


Wherever you turn your face, be sure  the divine secret  is there

Whatever you hear, be sure the essence of Qur’an is in it


Whatever you see as a being  looks as a being

Identify them as God so  you see the light of God  in  them


Common people identify Man as Man. However the wise and enlightened people identify Man as  God.


Those who learned the secret of divine union became wise. They attained wisdom. When one attains such wisdom, Hazrat Niyazi says,


Whoever learned this secret became wise

He is saved  from being called an animal and became Man


In the past as a physical appearance he was Man but he had animal soul. But today both physically and characteristically, both innerly and outerly , both morally and characteristically  he became Man.


Sufi path is a path of wisdom and  a path of gnosis. Not everyone can  understand this secret. Who can understand it? First of all he must have an inborn talent. Then this spiritual talent should be recognized and  managed by a Sufi Master. Soil  do the same thing to the seed. Neither a Prophet, nor an angel, nor a Sufi Master can give what God didn’t give. Sufi Master makes what is given by God apparent. Soil can’t give what is not present in the seed. It only gives what is in the seed.


O Niyazi, after you became  pure like  garnet and coral

Your words became the source of enlightenment  for lovers


Garnet and  coral are the most shiny and valuable gemstones. Brilliant, diamond, ruby that people use as rings or necklaces are all precious gemstones. Your character became so purified, so clear , so beautiful that there is no sediment in it. It became  Light.


Pearl is  made of  light and water. It rains in April and May but the sun shines as well. A rough shell which is called oyster is alive. In this season it comes to the sea surface. It waits with its mouth open,  takes the rain drop surrounded by sunlight and it closes its mouth , goes to the bottom of the ocean and goes into seclusion.


‘Khalwatiyya traces its roots back to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). It is one  of the main branches of Islamic Orders. For this reason 34 sub-branches derived from the order. It is productive. Khalwatiyya is like a factory which produces Sufi Orders.’


The oyster which dives into the sea waits there and as a result  produces a pearl. And then people open it and make a necklace of pearl.


Hazrat Niyazi says that his character became excellent and his words became precious like pearl, carol and he says the way of those who are initiated into a Sufi Order is full of such  beauties and perfections.


For this reason the words that pour from the mouths of Hazrat Niyazi and all the Perfect Men are the source of eternal life and enlighten the hearts of  the wayfarers of the Sufi path.