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Discourse 15 (25.08.1997)



O Oneness! You are the endless, rolling sea!

Again it is You who is seen among the many waves

Though You have given Yourself a thousand names, a hundred thousand forms,

Whatever is said—the sky, the stars, the spirit of the body—is You, only You!


Even if the eye of man looks with intense attention at the universe

The sky, the blue vault, the sun,

The world above, or this earth and this lowly soil

Even if he looks at the face of Adam with the telescope of knowledge, it is You, only You!


In hyacinth and basil, or in thistle;

In the heart-rending roar of the lion, or the sweet voice of the nightingale

In the bud that lends joy, or the fragrance of the rose that uplifts the spirit

In the most lifeless particle; in the least of the animals; it is You, only You!


In all my senses; in heart, intellect, and conscience

When I am drunk and bewildered with the desire of love

And in the pain of the moments when I am separated from my beloved

In my uncertain soul that burns with longing—it is You, only You!


In my embrace, when the moon-faced beauty trembles

When in a moment infinity unfolds

When enraptured, I behold the snowy sky

In fear of grandeur when my soul is bewildered-it is never anything but You, only You!                                                                                                             

    ( Translated by Camille Helminski  )


What great, what rich words that  tell the unity of God! That’s why  they are called ‘the translators of God’. The interpretation of a single line of the above words fills books. They say these words like lining up the  pearls on a string. Style is good and  meaning  is rich. How can these words arise from heart which is the greatest of all things even greater than the sky and the earth?


Let’s explain  the last lines. ‘When I am with the moon-faced’- he talks of his beloved- ‘When in a moment infinity unfolds’.At that moment  the moment of death widens and  occupies centuries.


No matter how much we try to explain them, we can’t completely interpret  them. We’d better leave the rest to  the reader’s own understanding.


‘In fear of grandeur when my soul is bewildered’. While my mind is filled with sublime thoughts, while I am experiencing  pure awareness  and become enchanted, even at that moment  there is only you in my thoughts.


As we said before, we consist of  two things . One is the body. It is from here.  It changes  during years through the things we eat  such as mother’s milk, soap, rice, bread. The body  is happy. When it is hungry, it eats honey, pie, bread or else  and  it nourishes itself.  Because the body belongs to the material  world. But there is a Hazrat, who doesn’t belong to this world, in this body cage. He is a guest in this cage.  He has the real power. He has the authority. He directs. God authorized him to do so. Body is its tool. In a hadith Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says,


‘Your Nafs is your vehicle. Guard it, control it and protect it well.’


The body is a vehicle of the soul likewise a jockey on a horse. All the Islamic worships are about the training of the body.


The aim of  Sufi  education is to destroy the duality between the body and the soul in other words neutralize them- which seem opposite to each other but which are not enemies  and which complete and are in need of each other-  through continuous practice for self-realization(=riyazat),  Islamic worship, voluntary and obligatory prayers. In other words the union of the fully matured soul with the body as  a single thing.


The reality under Islam’s being called as the religion of tawhid is this. You reached tawhid(=Oneness of God)at the end. Now he makes them talk. One is the secret hidden inside of you  and the other is the body of this secret. Body in other words a thing. We can also call it Nafs. He made them talk. First the Secret starts to  talk  and begins by saying , ‘ My secret’s address to me ’ The secret addresses. To whom? To the body which is called ‘ Nafs’. What does it say? What are the words of  the Secret ? Let’s listen to it,


I am the rising place of the Sun,  the origin  of the creations

I am the source of the multiplicity, the cellar of bodies

I am the one who created the world  at his command

These are all my plans, I am the endless time


I am the one who exists in no place, no time or  record

I am the glittering possibility in every time and place

I am the world above(arsh), the throne(qursi) and the ninth heaven

I am the substance and the gem, the reason of the things and the animals


I am the pure Light, the absolute secret, the point of Nun

I am both the soul and the angel and I am  the Man

I am that absolute essence who is apparent  through his deeds

O ……!  I am the glorious creator, the Most Compassinate

            (Nun= a letter in Arabic alphabet)


Now my answer to  my secret.  Body replies to  the soul, the secret.


I am that being whom I mean ‘you’ every time I say ‘I’ 

I am that being whom the unity of you became apparent through

O the body, I think my Self is apart from you

O my absolute imagination, the nonexistent has no body


I am such a poor that whatever I have is yours and I am nothing

The firman of Oneness is in the hands of the poor  (faqr)

The arsh and qursi, the earth and heaven are all created at your command

You hide the  destiny of the existence  in your verses


You are the signless , the placeless and the timeless

Everything is your own deed, your own  quality and power

You are such an  existence  that there is no other than you

The secret of  your existence  existed by itself  in every body


All the divine secret is hidden in these lines. According to their  experts these are priceless and valuable words. He realised his being inexistent and became nothing. He  reached the end of  nothingness. Let’s  review  these  lines again.


O the body, I think my Self is apart from you

O my absolute imagination, the nonexistent has no body


I am such a poor that whatever I have is yours and I am nothing

The firman of Oneness is in the hands of the poor  (faqr)


In a Hadith Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says,


‘Poverty is my pride.’


What do people  who have nothing have? What  do those who don’t possess anything, even  their own selves,  have?  Then he says, ‘I am such a poor that whatever I have is yours. And  I am nothing.’


Saints give and entrust everything to its real owner or know that this should be so. Much is left to  the reader’s own understanding and wisdom.


It is not something given before and taken later. The real owner of everything is God. ‘The King of Absolute Sovereignty ( = Ya malike’l mülk )’ The totality of everything in existence –the universe, the world, the Man- forms a single kingdom. God is the owner of the kingdom. God rules and has power over it.  No one can rule over his possession. Because there isn’t  anyone other than him. He says so.


It is only an illusion. ‘ What you say ‘ mine ’ or what you say ‘ I ’ is only an illusion.’ Illusion is a false idea or impression that we have. Man creates it. It is something which envelops or screens reality.  Think of the people outside. Aghas, Beys, Pashas, Hadjis, and the others - those  who repeatedly say,  ‘I ’  , those who believe they exist- should pay attention to the Hadith.


When Prophet Muhammad said, ‘Poverty is my pride’, he highlighted  this truth. This poverty doesn’t refer to  ‘material poverty’ (eg. not having  a horse , car , sheep, land or else). Because there are sovereigns who call themselves poor ( fakr= one who lives keeping constantly aware only needing God ) . For example; Davud (a.s) and his son Sultan Salomon(a.s.) .


The word ‘poverty’ in the Hadith refers to one’s not having anything of his own.  It is the peak  of modesty. No one could write a petition before coming into the world so no one can write one before leaving the world.  God lets one come and go. What were we before? We don’t know. What will happen to us in the future? We don’t know.  Where did we come from? Unknown. Where are we? It is called the world. Where will we go? Unknown.


One has lots of unanswered questions so his being proud of his worldly possessions which are entrusted to him for a short time in this world and telling others his possessions is a childish matter. He is exactly a child. It is similar to giving a toy to a child. When you give it, he feels happy.  When you get it back, he cries. When you give it again, he becomes happy again. We can also think the worldly possessions as toys such as inns, Turkish baths, market gardens, rank,  position.  If all the property, children, rank, wealth, position  are used for God’s will or in the name of God, they turn into a reward and one became possessor of  ‘ecrun azim’ ( God’s endless payments). The truth of the matter is not to be proud of what we have but to use them as tools to serve God.


‘And know that your property and your children are a temptation, and that Allah is He with Whom there is a mighty reward’  ( The Accessions , Verse 28 )


If  these possessions, children, rank, position are used to serve God ,


‘O you who believe! If you are careful of (your duty to) Allah, He will grant you a distinction and do away with your evils and forgive you; and Allah is the Lord of mighty grace’ ( The Accessions , Verse 29 )


they turn to be service and the owner of service is  the Master. Because in a hadith our Holy Prophet Muhammad  (pbuh) says,


‘The master of the nation is the one who serves it.’


One may be rich in his dream. He may be a multi billionaire. He may not have  any money but he may  see  himself as a sovereign in his dream. When he wakes up from a dream, what has he got in his hands ? Nothing. Passing away is like waking up a dream likewise being no more a sovereign when one wakes up. Man understands that this is so.


There are differences. Physical features in the appearance are not something what make one different from another but  people differ according to the expressions in Qur’an. There is a sort of Man that Qur’an degrades. Many of the people are like that. There is a sort of Man which Qur’an neither degrades nor elevates. However there is another sort of man which constitute the peak of the ‘creation’. Who are they? They are Prophets and Saints. They are freed from all fear  and sadness. In the Holy Qur’an God says to the Prophets,


‘ Is not Allah sufficient for His servant? ’( The Companions, Verse 36 )


They all address Man. In one part of Holy Qur’an God says, ‘Some sort of man are  lower than the animals.’  If  being a human is only having the  physical human form, then we must all be equal. Isn’t it so? Prophethood, sainthood or being Perfect are not something  related to  physical appearance.


What is special about the flower? Is it  its colour ? The colours of plastic flowers are also beautiful. It is difficult to distinguish the real and the plastic flowers when you put them together. But one of them has a nice smell but the other has no smell. One is alive. The other is dead. There are differences between them. So isn’t there a difference between perfect Man and the  ordinary people?


We shall conclude the subject with a verse from Qur’an.


‘Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Are those who know and those who do not know alike?’ ( The Companions, Verse 9 )


What is important is to train eye to see the One. All the organs  can be trained. Man is trained up to his cells and becomes purified.


It is like a revolution, like a holy rebellion. They all combine at a point and  what cause this combination is love. It is divine love. When it comes, everything becomes unimportant.


Don’t deal any more. The patient found his doctor. He cures the patient in the course of time doing his best. For this reason all the prophets and saints found  the remedy in love  and Hazrat Mawlana said these fine lines.


What is important in this world is only Love

Knowledge is of no value