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Discourse 16 (10.01.1998)



It is a way which is of  God

It is a way which is of Muhammad Mustafa


One should think how serious , how pure that way is. God is so. Saints have an aim and purpose  in all their  affairs  and enjoyment, in all their efforts and  endeavours, in their intentions and attempts. What is their aim ? It is to be blessed with God’s gladness. How can our God be pleased with us? What must we do? They seek this. How can we enter into God’s gladness? For this reason whatever the people of the Truth (=ahlu haqiqat) do is to please God. In the course of time this noble and pure  thought  turns him into  a man  that  displays politeness and elegance. He reaches the peak of modesty.. At the end God says to him,


‘O my servant! I am well pleased with you ’( The Dinner Table, Verse 119 )


The servant says to God,


‘O my God! I am well pleased with you’( The Dinner Table, Verse 119 )


If  God is pleased with  his servant, then the servant deserves to see the face of God.


Everything that comes from you- either a rose or a thorn- is pleasant

It can be a garment or shroud  , both your sorrow and grace are pleasant for me


Why were these words said? It is because of mutual gladness. God is pleased with his servant and the servant is pleased with God. They both show gladness to each other and they  love each other. In the end the lover and the beloved become One. God loves his servant  and the servant loves God through the love that reflects from him. They become a monument of love . The angels become their servants. The sun and the moon are given under their command. God places  the nights and the days , the earth and the sky  at the disposal of them .


Neither their richness, nor their being sovereigns or being wise gives  them a feeling of pride even a little bit. They are like the trees in autumn which reach perfection, become mature, nice smelling and delicious and whose branches bend downward. No matter how perfect they are,  their sign is modesty and humility.


The only source that they are nourished and inspired is the reality  of Muhammad. All the Prophets and Saints were inspired from there. The Prophet was sent as a mercy to all the world (Rahmat lil-'alamin). He is an eternal soul. If someone says, ‘ Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) passed away 14 centuries ago.’ ,  I say to him,  ‘ What is put into the grave is their dead bodies which belong to this world. Their soul is eternal.’


Death is far from them. They die when they are still alive. They die before they die and  they gain  eternal life. Their life is different from the ordinary  people’s life. Soul has nothing to do with earth. For this reason Hazrat Mawlana (k.s.) says, ‘Don’t cry. Blow nay (=reed flute) and play qudum (=a pair of small, hemispherical drums)


The meaning of death is different for  them and  for the ordinary people. They all wait for death.


The death of the rinds ( = an independent thinkers ) is different.


As Turkoman Dervish Great Yunus says,


I am neither happy for having property

Nor sad for poverty

I comfort myself with your name

I need you , only you


Hazrat Niyazi  has similar lines on that subject. We’d better tell them to our readers to help  them better  understand.


They lift the veil of this world and the other world

They renounce the joy of  life- tawhid becomes their joy


Those who follow Misri  have no trouble

Tawhid becomes the joy of the heart bird inside


The manners (=ahval), the actions (=ef’al) and  thoughts of  saints are so.


Hazrat Mawlana, the great and  distinguished man, expresses this truth in Divan-i Kabir as follows,


The lovers who die being  aware of the Truth, melt like sugar in the presence of the beloved. They  sweetly die.


They drink the water of life from  the Covenant of Alast so they die in a different way.


They are all lovers. They gather in the field of love. For this reason they don’t die like ordinary people.


They left behind even the angels in elegance. Dying like humans is far from them.


Do you  believe  the lions die out of the door  like the dogs?


When the lovers die into nothingness,  the sultan of  the heart greets them with pleasure.


Lovers achieve opening  their third eye. Those who are not lovers die  like  the blind and  deaf ones .


They become enlightened like the Sun. Because they die at the foot of the  moon.


Lovers who truly love  each other  die with  each other’s love.


There is water of love in  their livers. They are  like water. In fact they  die in the water of love in their liver.


Lovers fly to the sky. However  impious die at the bottom of hell.


They are afraid of  sleeping  at night during their lifetime. For this reason they die being sure of fear and danger.


However those who adore food have already become ox-like. Of course they die like donkeys.


Those who seek that look, sacrifice themselves for  that look  willingly with a smile.


The sultan take  them up in his  arms of grace. They don’t die like poor fellows.


The lovers who have  adopted the manners of Mustafa die like Abu Bakr or Omer.


The death is far from them but I say these words in case they die.


O the sovereign! O Shamsuddin! The impious whom you support  die being unaware of the Truth even at the moment of death.