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Discourse 18 (14.01.1998)



We will start today’s teaching with a Nutki Sharif from the Divan of Hazrat Gaibi Sun’ullah. In his Nutki Sharif he says,


Do not say, ‘ I ’ cause God is the one who says, ‘I’ inside of you

Not only the spirit but the body is God Himself


To reveal his beauty he wears different clothes

In the calendar of beauty the one who cycles is God


To the wise who ascend up into the sky of heart

God shows his face in the face of Man


All the prophets and saints who attained union with God said

God is the one who dressed up as Man and the world


Look through the eyes of Gaibi to this world

God is seen in every particle in the universe


We will try to interpret these rich words and beautiful expressions from the beginning.


Do not say, ‘ I’ cause God is the one who says, ‘ I’ inside of you


By saying, ‘ Do not say, ‘I’. There is another one who says, ‘ I ’. Seek him. ‘, Hazrat Gaibi tries to express that the one who says; ‘I’ is your True Self. In fact, Hazrat Gaibi says, ‘ The one who says, ‘I’ in the Eastern, the Western, the Southern and the Northern is God.’


If the soul leaves the cage of the body, man can’t talk. He can’t even say a single letter. This is the end of everything. The bird has flown away from its cage. An empty cage is of no use.


‘The voice which is coming from the cage is the voice of nightingale, not the cage. Man should accept it so. ’


If we liken the body to a cage, we can say there is a nightingale in this body cage. There is a bird of heart. It is the real being who says, ‘I’ inside you. People cannot distinguish the real being who says, ‘I’- whether it is the outer being or the inner being- since the word ‘I’ comes out of mouth. What is the outer being? It is the body.


‘If body doesn’t exist, how can soul express the strength of spirit? If there isn’t soul in it, the body is of no use.’


We can give a clear example; ‘ If the reed-flutist (= nayzan) doesn’t have a flute (=nay) in his hand, how can he express his unseen singing, yearning or his secret? The reed, which is called nay, expresses the secrets of flutists. For this reason there are fine lines on nay as follows.’


Hardly any mullahs (=the pious) understand the sound of nay

God only let Hazrat Mawlana to understand it


Not every mullah can understand what the sound of the beautiful nay expresses. God only let Hazrat Mawlana to understand and tell the pleasant singing and the secret of nay. The nay here is a symbol. Nay belongs to Hazrat Mawlana. It symbolizes the Saints. Saints empty themselves like nay. They are freed from worldly attachments and desires. They are purified. They are like an empty reed. The body of Hazrat Mawlana or the body of any perfect man is cleansed from all sorts of desires of Nafs and they attain purification. God talks through that purified body.


Not only the spirit but the body is God Himself


The body refers to the thing, which carries the soul, which the soul is dressed into or a vehicle through which the soul expresses itself. Even the body is God himself.


The body came in this form from the womb of mother (=rahm-i maden). It came together with the soul. Even the body is God himself. It is not apart from him. These thoughts are the result of deep thinking. It requests high awareness. This cannot be understood through speech or reading. If one can attain perfection through reading books, then everybody reads and becomes perfect. But it is not so. These books are written by Man. The perfect Man attains such a high level of perfection that he reflects it to the next generations through writing books. He embodies spirituality, joy, secret and  singing (=tarannum). Through what? Through his material being. So soul is a treasure as well as a spiritual form. It is every sort of beauty. The body, which reflects this beauty, is beautiful as well. Truth manifests itself through the unification of soul and body.


To reveal his beauty he wears different clothes


God wears different clothes and manifests in different names, different titles and different images to reveal his beauty.


Things are always active and changeable. When a thing elevates to a better form, there is no sign of its previous form left behind. In its new stage its name, its image and its form change. In the next stages the change continues. It disappears but then it comes into existence again in a different cloth. He wears different clothes to reveal his beauty.


In the calendar of beauty the one who cycles is God


Think of someone who is beautiful. She looks beautiful in her dress but when she changes it, she still looks beautiful in her new dress. No matter what cloth she wears, she is still beautiful. In the Holy Qur’an God says,


‘Certainly We created man in the best make’  (The Fig, Verse 4)


Nobody is ugly. God is the one who cycles in the form of beauty. What does cycle refer to? It refers to the processes, which a thing passes through. Think of sugar or a piece of bread. Think of the processes it had underwent before it became a loaf of bread. Before it became bread, it was dough. Before it became dough, it was flour. Before it emerged as flour, it was wheat. Before it was wheat, it was grass, which turned yellow. Before it turned yellow, it was green grass. What was it before? Before it was soil. It was a seed. Soil let the seed open. It caused it to begin to germinate. It started to grow. When it grew into a plant, it was green.  Then it turned yellow and became an ear of grain. After the grain had matured, it needed to be harvested. Then they were reaped, the stalks were gathered and the grains were separated from the stalks. All the impurities were removed from the wheat. And then the clean blended wheat was sent to mill, passed through some processes and emerged as flour. The flour mixture was put into kneading through and smooth dough was formed. The dough was put into the oven. It was baked and became bread.


In each of these stages, which it passes through, it changes its form as well. Nothing disappears but its name changes.


‘Wheat and flour are different things.  Wheat is not called flour or flour is not called wheat. Wheat is called wheat. Flour is called flour.’


Although the existence change their clothes and appear in different forms to reveal the beauty, their origin is the same and unique. Wheat and flour are chemically the same. As we said before, no matter what its form is, whether hail, snow, ice, iceberg or vapor, water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. Forms may change but the element, which they are made up of never changes. It is unique. It is a single thing. One multiplies one equal itself.  Only the shape changes. The essence manifests in many different shapes. This is ‘Kulhu vallahu ahad’ which means  ‘ Allah, is One ’.


To the wise who ascend up into the sky of heart


What does Hazrat Gaibi say here? What is sky? When sky is asked, people raise their heads up.  They say sky is above.  This is true but there is a different sky. Because Man has the sample of everything on earth. We informed this before in our previous teachings. In another Nutki Sharif, Hazrat Gaibi expresses this as follows,


Whatever exists on earth has a sample in Man

Find yourself in you, find in Man


Likewise him. The sky in Man is the heart. The wise ascend in the sky of heart, in the sublimity of heart or in the infinity of heart. That is to say ascension occurs in the sky of heart. The real ascent is this one. The miraculous ascent, which is told by hodjas, is the outward form. The real ascent is called the ascent of marifat (=union with the Divine). In the infinity of heart the wise ascended through marifat, in other words their souls uplifted. They attained complete awareness. They perceived the Truth. What is the one who ascends in the sky of heart called? He is called a perfect man who is annihilated in God.


God shows his face in the face of Man


God is beautiful and Man reflects His beauty. The beauty of Man is the beauty of God. To see this beauty apart from God is wrong. It is ignorance.


All the prophets and saints who attained union with God said


All the prophets and saints who experienced oneness and unity with God said, ‘ God is the one who dressed up as Man and the world ’. According to the prophets and saints, God wrapped himself in a cloth. This cloth is the body. He put on it and appeared as a material being. The wise see God in every particle in   universe, in Man or in things.  A Perfect Man says,


Every particle is light, every drop is manifestation

They fly towards union


Every particle is light. It is manifestation as well. It is active. It is alive. A living thing changes its cloth. It changes its form. It uplifts from one stage to another as in the example of bread.


Look through the eyes of Gaibi to this world


See the world, the universe, and the existence or in short the Man through the eyes of Gaibi.


God is seen in every particle in the universe


If one day you wear the glasses of Gaibi and see the world like him, then you will attain the full perception of   God’s being seen in every particle. Those who have reached God are so.


In the Divan of Gaibi, there is a speech, which is attributed to his master Ibrahim Effendi, the Shaykh of Enderun, in other words Egridirli Ibrahim Effendi. Gaibi says to his Master,


I became your disciple by kissing your hand so I don’t need another hand

My master, I found your way so I don’t need another way


He lets us know ourselves and kills our Nafs

He fills our hearts with divine love so I don’t need wine


He is more trustworthy than many men and generous to his friends

His words are more delicious than honey so I don’t need any honey


The face of Pir is the face of God; the essence of Pir is the essence of God

The words of Pir are the words of God so I don’t need to hear other words


He enlightens Gaibi and gives pleasure to his heart

He gives the smell of God so I don’t need to smell a rose


Hazrat Gaibi says to his Shaykh Ibrahim Effendi (k.s.), ‘ I kissed your hand and became your disciple.  I don’t need another hand.’ You may think that he distinguishes between his master’s hand and someone else’s hand. In fact, he doesn’t say so. He says, ‘ I kissed his hand and henceforth everybody’s hand is his hand. No matter whose hand I kiss, I kiss his hand. Because I see the face of my beloved in every face.’


My master, I found your way so I don’t need another way


There is no other way for me. I found the way of my murshid.


‘Surely my Lord is on the right path’(The Holy Prophet, Verse 56)


I found his way so I don’t need another way. There is no other way for me. Hazrat Niyazi Mirsi has similar lines on that subject.


O my heart, find the way to God

Be a sorrow expert and find the heartfelt sigh

Find the sun and the moon, which are in the heart


Find Semme Vechullah if you are perfect

Find the beautiful God wherever you look

Semme Vechullah: ' Wherever you turn, there is the face of God ' (The Cow, Verse 115)


Hazrat Gaibi says the same thing. I found the way to God. I don’t need another way. What does the way of God let us know?


It lets us know ourselves and kill our Nafs. In fact, Nafs doesn’t exist. It is only a false belief. What is false belief? It is to think non-existent as existent. We believed Nafs and we continuously said, ‘ I ’. In the end, we realized that the one who says ‘ I ’ is God. None other than him can say ‘ I ’. None can love him other than himself. None can see him other than himself. None but he knows himself. He knows himself by himself. He loves himself by himself. Because there is nobody who loves or knows him other than Him. Everything is his manifestation. They all belong to him.


He fills our hearts with divine love so I don’t need wine


The heart of Gaibi is filled with Divine love. He doesn’t need wine any more. ‘ Wine ‘ is a spiritual drink and it refers to divine love in Theosophical Literature and Classical Ottoman (=Divan) Literature. He says, ‘ I don’t need wine any more. Because my heart was filled with the love of my master. I drank the wine of love.’


He is more trustworthy than many men and generous to his friends


He is such a friend, such a trustworthy person that his generosity is limitless. Saints have nothing but generosity, grant, kind hospitality, inspiration, favor and grace. They have all sorts of beauty, glory and honor.


His words are more delicious than honey so I don’t need any honey


The words of my master are so beautiful and so delicious that even honey, which is the best of all tastes and which the bees produce visiting many flowers, is less delicious than them.


The face of Pir is the face of God; the essence of Pir is the essence of God


He is so filled with the love of his Pir that he sees divine perfection, divine beauty and joy in his face. Because his eyes saw God and were united with Him.


The words of Pir are the words of God so I don’t need to hear other words


Henceforth I don’t need to hear any words. His words are such an elixir that they turned my copper heart into a golden heart. He wiped out all my non-human qualities and my worldly desires. Instead, he filled my heart with divine love. From now on, all words are his words. All faces are his face. Those who read these lines may ask, ‘ What about the face of God or the face of Prophet Muhammad?’ We’d better tell the Nutku Sharif of Hazrat Niyazi here.


See that the word is the same

It is not steep, it is straight

All the faces are his face

Those who see him are amazed


Listen to the words of Niyazi

Nothing veils the face of God

Nothing is apart from God

This is hidden from the blind ones


Hazrat Gaibi tells no other face than God’s or no other word than his words. He tells the beauty of his face and his words. Certainly Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) reflects  his face, his words and his beauty.Likewise the light of the sun’s reflecting off the moon.


‘If there isn’t moon, the light of the sun flows through the space. The sunlight hits the moon and the moon receives it. Then it reflects the light of the Sun to us. Isn’t it so?’ 


Here Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a mirror, which reflects the light and the beauty of God. He is a polished mirror which reflects the light of Muhammadiyya to the humanity till doomsday (=ila yaevmil kiyam). For this reason the following lines were attributed to Prophet Muhammad by Shaykh Galib.


You are Ahmad Mahmud Muhammad Mustafa

You are a clear mirror of God to us


You are the most beautiful, most bright, polished and transparent mirror, which shows God. There is the beauty of God in your face. In fact, Shaykh Galib sees this beauty and transparency in his Shaykh. This was the same in Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). The beauty of saints is the beauty of him. They are not apart.


‘There are not three different identities. It is no need to put them in a row and say,  ‘God, Prophet and Saint’. As we said before, one multiply one equals itself. Because the body is the same. There is only one body.’


All things are parts of one single body, which is of God

What is seen is the identity; there is nothing except God


What is seen is the identity of God. There is nothing but God. If so, the words of Ibrahim Effendi- the Sufi Master of Hazrat Gaibi- are the words of God. God reflects from saints. They were united with God. What does ‘unity with God’ refer to? They annihilated themselves in God.


Suppose you are standing by the sea. You are holding a glass of water. If you pour the water into the sea, the glass becomes empty but the water mixes with sea. It is no longer called a glass of water. It is seawater now. It was united with the sea. Likewise this, the bodies of saints are light and they are the parts of a single body. Because they judge their Nafs again and again and struggle against it while they are journeying back to God. Their Nafs uplifts from Ammara (CarnalSoul) to Lawwama (Blaming Nafs), Lawwama to Mulhama (Inspired Nafs), Mulhama to Mutmaina (Tranquil Nafs), Mutmaina to Radiyya (Satisfied Nafs), Radiyya to Mardiyya (Satisfying Nafs) and Mardiyya to Safiyya (Purified Nafs) so it becomes purified. It becomes perfect.


‘The Nafs of those who passed through all the stages of purification and finally attained Safiyya (Purified Nafs) and the Ammara Nafs (Carnal Soul) of the common people are not the same. They passed through all the stages of Nafs and got involved in all the practices and finally they attained purification. However the Nafs of common people didn’t undergo the process of purification and for this reason they stayed the same.’


‘Are those who know and those who do not know alike?’(The Companions, Verse 9 )


He is now a perfect man. He is the beloved of God. God calls him ‘My friend ’. ‘Wali’ means ‘friend’ as well. God says,


‘Whoever hurts them, hurts me’


The earth and sky continue existing  through the pure breath of them. This is also expressed in songs.


The mountains, which have seven colors

The mountains, which form a chain from the past to the future eternity


Here ‘mountain’ refers to the body of Saints. What about seven colors? They refer to seven stages (=asmas). Also the number of main colors, which start with black, is   seven. He says, ‘ from the past to the future eternity.’ These mountains (=Saints) form a continuous chain from Hazrat Adam (a.s.) to the saints of future eternity.  They are the chain of mountains. They are the friends of God. They are the Prophets and Saints who are their heirs. They always exist around the world.


One can only attain the perfection of his true self by being freed from the slavery to the things in this changeable, material world and diving into the depths of spirituality or canalizing himself to that channel. He uplifts himself.  If he doesn’t do so, he can’t reach perfection and his hair turns gray being engaged in worldly affairs and having the fear of buying or selling. Life will end one day. On that day when his eyes are fixed on a certain point, he will read the last verse of Chapter 78 ‘ The Great Event’ with the shame of not knowing himself.


‘Surely We have warned you of a chastisement near at hand: the day when man shall see what his two hands have sent before, and the unbeliever shall say: O! would that I was dust! ’ (The Great Event, Verse 40)


Consequently, the rule is the same for both the rich and the poor.


Man has nothing to carry away with them. Both the Shah and the beggar are wrapped in a white shroud. Both the rich and the poor only carry away the shroud with them. So it is quite strange to be proud of it.


Lots of rich people, aghas, pashas or beys all passed away.  Korah died as well. Few years ago the great businessman, Vehbi Koc, died. He was wrapped in a nine-yard shroud.  The poor carry away the same thing with them. There is a fine story, which tells about this.


The sovereign asks to Incili Cavus,


‘Find out the difference between my wealth and your wealth. Who is richer? You or me?’


Incili says,


‘My sultan let me calculate it.’


Incili goes and an hour later he comes back to the presence of him with lots of unnecessary paper.’


He says,


‘My sultan, I calculated.’


The Sultan asks,


‘What did you calculate?’


He says,


‘My sultan, you asked the difference between my wealth and yours. I found it.’


The sultan asks,


‘What is it? ’


He replies,


‘My sultan, your wealth is 15 TL more than mine.’


Incili is a poor man who is in need of the aid of the palace and the gifts of the sultan. How can he compare his wealth with the sultan’s? How can there be only a 15 TL difference? The sultan thinks so and asks angrily,


‘How did you find this difference?’


The sultan thinks the palaces and the treasure as his real possessions. However, Incili is a great man. He warns and enlightens the sultan. He says,


‘When you pass away, your shroud will be made from nine-yard cambric. When I pass away, mine will be made from nine-yard coarse white calico. The difference between their prices is 15TL.’


For his Sufi Master Gaibi Baba says,


‘He enlightens Gaibi and gives pleasure to his heart.’


What Gaibi teaches gives soul to bodies. It gives taste, pleasure, beauty, grant and kind hospitality. His words are the favor of God. As the Sufi greats say, ‘The words of Saints are the words of God.’


If it is so, then what is listening to Hazrat Gaibi’s teachings like? It gives pleasure to hearts. It is the pleasure, which derives from spirituality.


He gives the smell of God so I don’t need to smell a rose


My sultan, my shaykh, my master, my pir smells so beautifully. It is the smell of God. It is the smell of Muhammadiyya. I don’t need to smell any other thing.


‘Everyone should perceive this scent. The disciple perceives it in time. This is the smell of God.’


As I told you in my previous teachings, I felt this smell during the years of my spiritual journey.  It is a unique smell. Neither rose, nor hyacinth, nor lily smells like it. It is the smell of Muhammadiyya. Hazrat Gaibi says he feels this smell as well. The source of this beautiful smell and love is Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Thanks to him.