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On the Sufi Path people’s characters, temperaments, dispositions and dominant characteristics of their professions are cared. The aim is to uncover the hidden talent and to make one aware of his own inner being by canalizing these qualities into reasonable directions within the Courtesy ( Adab ) Limits of Muhammadiyya.


For the purpose of this   Sufi Orders which have their roots in the religious experience of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( pbuh )  , the Sultan of inner and outer, derived  from two main branches – loud ( =cehri ) and silent (= hafi )- which were started by Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Abu Bakr ( r.a. ). Sufi Orders were developed  qualitatively and quantitatively over time and as a result they were divided into branches and sub-branches.


Among them there are orders such as Mawlawiyya which especially appeals to certain groups such as the members of upper class and musicians  or Naqshbandiyya which appeals to scholars and hodjas or some others which have the characteristic of instructing members of different classes at the same time.


The order which appeals to members of different groups and whose members have different professions is Khalwatiyya.


Khalwatiyya is one of the most influential orders which attract Turkish people  or may be the most influential one.  To cite examples,  the sovereigns of  the rising period of Ottoman Empire , the distinguished people of   politics, literature, science and art are known to be inspired by Khalwatiyya Order directly or indirectly.