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Who is Sufi Master (=Murshid)?



The word  ‘murshid’  means guide, teacher, inspirer.


This word  is  used as a synonym for  Perfect Man  or  Sufi Master (=Shaykh).


Murshid is the person who is authorised to train  human soul. Murshid as a soul trainer  cares the characteristics and the abilities of the seekers who ask to be initiated  and guided by him. He uses different methods to enlighten  each disciple and guides them.


The attributes of Murshid:


-To receive permission to initiate from a perfect  Murshid whose lineage is reaching back to the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) continuously

- To have  spiritual joy

- To have  great  compassion and  give great support (=himmat)

- To accept everything that comes from God

- To know  the capability of the seeker  through the vision that has been granted him by God