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Who’s a disciple (=mureed )?



In the dictionary ‘mureed’ is defined as the one who wishes, who has  his own freewill and  desire.


As a Sufi term  it means  the one who doesn’t act freely , who acts according to the will of God and his Sufi Master (= Murshid). The  word ‘dervish’ (=disciple) is used as a synonym for  dependent,  member.


It also means  a seeker  who takes initiation from a Perfect Murshid to learn the secrets of life and death.


There are three types of disciples (=mureeds) in accordance with the stages they have attained in Sufism.


a) The novice (= Mubtadi ): The one who is willing to travel on the Sufi path by obeying certain rules under the guidance of a Sufi Master  and who is ready to face the  difficulties of the spiritual journey  to move from separation to union.


b) The intermediate (=Mutawassat): It is the name given to the ones whose spiritual development on the Sufi Path is in the intermediate level.


c) The climax (=Muntahi): The one who attains divine union and contemplation is called so.


Disciples (=mureeds) are divided into three groups according  to their capabilities.


1) The Close Ones (=Muqarrabin):  This  phrase expresses the  most talented disciples . The Sufi Master teaches and trains these talented  disciples through the system of shattar.


2) The Righteous  (=Abrar): These disciples are  talented but not that much. The Sufi Master trains them according to the system of  abrar.


3) The Virtuous  (=Ahyar) : These are the ones whose spiritual capacity is less than the others. These disciples  are educated according to ahyar system by their Sufi Master.