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The Life of  the Sufi Master Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu

Hazrat  Mehmet Dumlu was born in Qutahya in 1929. His lineage from his father's side traces its roots to Buhara. His grandfather, Ashraf Effendi, was a Naqshbandiyya shaykh. His great grandfather, Hurshid Effendi, was  a Naqshbandiyya shaykh and a scholar in religious sciences who acquired his education in Buhara . Traces of spirituality  can also be seen on his mother's side. His grandmother , Gulsum Hanim, was the initiated disciple of  Shabani Shaykh Hazrat Sadiq Effendi , from Askishahir.

Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu received his early education in Qutahya. He learned the whole of Qur'an by heart in eight months and he gained the title of 'Hafiz'. He performed his military service in Gaziemir, Izmir. After his military service , he   started to work as a goverment official. After a short period of service, he resigned from his position and  was appointed as the Imam of Shahitlar Mosque, in Qutahya. He also worked as a teacher in Qur'an Reading Course.

He  married Aysha Hanim in Qutahya in 1953.  He has two sons and a daughter from his marriage.  His sons , Kamuran Bey and Sacit Bey (Qamuran and Sacit), are engaged in porcelain trade. His daughter, Asuman Hanim, is married and
lives in Qutahya. Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu and Aysha Hanim's marriage lasted for  forty-seven years .  His wife , Aysha Hanim, led a pious life and never delayed performing any of  the daily Moslem prayers. Aysha Hanim passed away in 2000. Since then Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu has been living with his elder son  Kamuran Bey.

Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu was first introduced into the Sufi Path by  Mawlawi Shaykh, Aqif Dede, from Qutahya. He attended his gatherings and meanwhile  he visited the gatherings of Hadji Mehmet Effendi, from Altintash , one of the Khalifs of Naqshbandiyya . While he was doing his military service, he met Qadiri Shaykh Sezai Effendi . He attended his gatherings as well and was inspired by him. After having finished his military service , he returned to his hometown, Qutahya, and  learned that Hadji Mehmet Effendi  passed away. Then he started to search for a perfect Murshid who could guide him on the path. Through the intervention of Elifzade Nuri Effendi he was initiated into Khalwati Shabani Order in Oshaq under Shaykh Hodja Mustafa  Effendi and  started his spiritual education in Shabani Order under his guidance.(He was a perfect mirror for him and he led him to the most secret parts of the spiritual world.) His dervishood was quite ecstatic. In a short time he attained a high degree of spirituality and was highly appreciated and valued by his shaykh.

In addition to his spiritual education Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu continued his musical education and  gained a deep knowledge of tune  'makam' and note. He has a very good tonal memory and the ability to read hymns at sight. He also guides the musicians who search for and examine hymns  'ilahi'. During his dervishood, he was always ahead of others in service and endeavour. He was given the permission to teach before his murshid's passing away in 1973.  Since then Hazrat Mehmet Dumlu has been guiding the Khalwati-Shabani Order with the same love and devotion of his murshid Mustafa Effendi Aziz . Through his gatherings in Qutahya, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Anqara, Qonya, Qastamoni and Arzurum  he enlightens the ones who are thruthful in the heart and willing to learn the secrets of humanity. He leads  his follower's moral and spiritual personality to reach maturity . He spreads his spritual light to all his students. He instructs them how  to transcend the personal self . He trains and uplifts them.